Zoho Sheet is Live

We are happy to launch the Public Beta of Zoho Sheet. Sign-up for your free account and maintain all your spreadsheets online.

Check it out at :


What can you do with Zoho Sheet?

  • Create and manage your spreadsheets online.
  • Import any excel spreadsheet and use it online.
  • Export your Zoho Sheet as excel / openoffice calc / csv / pdf / html.
  • Use any excel style functions (SUM, AVG, IF, etc). For autosum alone, we have provided a quick button on the toolbar. For the rest of the functions you can type in the formula. Note: All formulas start with an = sign.
  • Format and decorate your cells with font styles, colors, cell wrap and different alignments.
  • Copy Paste from external sources (excel, webpage, etc).
  • Copy Paste within Zoho Sheet. Formulas will be copied relatively. Very useful when you want to apply same formula for multiple cells.
  • Apply dollar currency or percentage formatting to your numbers.
  • Create Graphs / Charts to analyze your data.
  • Print Preview your sheets before printing.
  • Auto Saves your sheets every 1 minute.
  • Tag your Zoho Sheets. You can tag and find your (and other public) spreadsheets with ease.
  • Share your Zoho Sheets with your friends for collaborating on a spreadsheet and control their access levels.
  • Publish your Zoho Sheet as public for anyone to find it and use it.
  • RSS feeds for public sheets and sheets with specific tags.
  • Clone public sheets to your account.
  • URL APIs to view and import excel spreadsheets present on remote servers online through Zoho Sheet.

More info at our What’s New page.

Let us know your feedback which will help us improve. Send in your comments and issues to support (at) zohosheet (dot) com or use the Feedback link at the top of our pages.

Here is a sample screenshot. Click to enlarge.

We would like to thank all the beta testers for providing us some great feedback. Keep them coming.



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