Spreadsheets for Kids

We announced the “Insert buttons” functionality few months back. With the power of Buttons and VBA Macros in Zoho Sheet, you can do a whole lot of things that weren’t possible earlier. Here are some sample spreadsheets:

1. Kids Zone

This spreadsheet, titled “Kids Zone”, was created by one of our team members, Senthil. It has a lot of interactive lessons for kids. Kids can learn the letters of the alphabet, and a section for identifying pictures. There are separate chapters for rhymes and stories as well.

Click on
the image below to access the public spreadsheet. You can then navigate to
the various sections by clicking on the buttons in the “HOME” tab.

This Zoho spreadsheet makes extensive use of Images and Buttons. There are around 350 images and 1125 buttons in this spreadsheet. VBA Macros are assigned to the Buttons and they are used to navigate between the various sheets. In chapters like “Identify Picture”, buttons are used to get input from the user and display the answer based on the user’s input. In “Arrange Alphabet” chapter, macros and functions are used to indicate whether the user is arranging the letters of the alphabet in the right way. Go ahead and explore the spreadsheet.

2. Word Puzzle

Here is a word puzzle on Zoho Sheet. This is a variation of the Hangman game. A random 5-letter word is displayed with only the vowels filled in. You are allowed to guess up to 4 letters which you think might be part of the word. If you key in a letter that is part of the word, then all the occurrences of that letter will be filled in. After 4 chances, you have to guess the full word. Click on the image below to open the spreadsheet.

We would like to know how you have used Buttons and VBA Macros in your Zoho spreadsheets. If you have anything interesting to share, go ahead and post it as a comment to this post.

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