Natural Language Addressing in Formulas

Did you know that Zoho Sheet can recogonize and correlate names used in formulas with cells / cell ranges automatically? You have to just give the row / column header of a table as arguments to functions and Zoho Sheet will auto-recogonize the cell range associated with the name. It is very convenient to quickly type in the formulas with these names instead of worrying about keying in the proper cell range.

Consider the following sheet available at

Look at the formulas in the cells F5:F7 and C9:E9. The formula =SUM(USA) will automatically add the cell values in the row with the header “USA”. Earlier you had to use =SUM(C5:E5). Now the row header can directly be used. You do not even need to name / label the cell ranges. If the row / column header has a space in between, then you can use single quotes in formulas. For example: =SUM(‘United States of America’). Please note that special characters like a single quote in a row / column header needs to be escaped using a back slash – \. For example: =SUM(‘Bob\’s Expenses’)

You can even copy and paste these formulas to adjacent rows or columns and they will automatically be adjusted relatively. In this case, copying the F5 cell and pasting it to F6, will result in the formula =SUM(EMEA) in F6.

We hope it considerably eases typing in of formulas. As always, kindly try it out and send us your feedback and suggestions to support (at) zohosheet (dot) com.

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