More Power to your spreadsheet experience: Array Formulas and More!

If you’re a Zoho Sheet user, you’d be thrilled to learn how your Spreadsheet experience just got better! That’s right, Zoho Sheet just became more powerful with these two new functionalities that make complex sheet functions simpler: Array Formulas and Named Expressions. In addition to these features, we have also enhanced our STOCK() formula.

Here’s an overview of these helpful new additions:

Array Formulas

Have you ever tried finding cells matching a particular pattern in your spreadsheet? Such as, finding the average of numbers that are greater than zero within a range of cells?

An array formula is a formula that does just that; perform multiple calculations on one or more items in an array. So you can do things which are generally not possible through the regular formulas.

For example, the Stock Portfolio spreadsheet embedded below uses Array formulas to fetch the ‘current price’ and ‘% change’ from Yahoo Finance. Learn more about how you can use

Array Formulas.

Named Expressions / Dynamic Named Ranges

Named Expressions are similar to Named Ranges except that instead of referring to a static cell, they refer to a formula. They can be used 1) to create dynamic ranges – ranges that grow as you add new data and 2) to simplify your formulas by replacing oft-repeated expressions with a named expression.

Learn more about Named Expressions.

STOCK Function Enhancement

We have enhanced our STOCK() function, which is used to get stock details of a particular symbol. You can now pass a cell reference as an argument, eg: =STOCK(B6;”Price”). You can use this function in a nested formula. The behavior is now similar to a regular function.

We hope you like these new features and enhancements. Feel free to share your suggestions with us by sending an email to support@ or by participating in our discussion forum.


4 Replies to More Power to your spreadsheet experience: Array Formulas and More!

  1. please please. make available an option to freeze cells in zoho so than we can have column headings that can not be editted by our users.
    This is critical for us!!!!!!we use zoho sheet for users to copy/paste data into our database but we need column headings that can not be moved by our users

  2. @shail_csp: Thanks a lot for your appreciation and your suggestion. We are happy to know that you love using Zoho Sheet. Regarding your suggestion, we are already working on it. Hope to release it soon.

  3. Very nice feature. I'd like to appreciate team who are enhancing sheet feature. I love to use zoho sheet.
    One thing i would like to suggest team to provide auto help/suggestion when someone writes any formula in a shell because it is very hard to remember all formula. It may attract a user interest.Over all ZOHO sheet is one of the best ZOHO apps :)

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