Macros, Pivot Tables & More in Zoho Sheet

zsheetlogo.pngOur Zoho Sheet team just rolled out a milestone update to our spreadsheet application with a cluster of new features. There are more than 15 new features added to this update, but two key features really stand out for businesses – Macros & Pivot Tables.

This video gives you a quick introduction to these key features.


Zoho Sheet now supports Visual Basic Macros – the ones you use in MS Excel. This is an important milestone for Zoho Sheet as it becomes the only Spreadsheet application that supports VB Macros apart from Microsoft Excel. We now understand Visual Basic and can execute Visual Basic code at the backend (no, we don’t run any MS stuff back there). This capability opens up new set of possibilities.

In the current version, Zoho Sheet lets you import your existing speadsheets with Excel macros or create new ones. We support a broad set of functions and we do plan to extend the list further. We also plan to add Record & Play for Macros going forward.


We are also launching a Wiki ( which is kind of a free marketplace for Macros. You can browse for sample Macros or share your Macros with others.

Pivot Tables & Charts:

As you may know, Zoho DB supports Pivot tables. This functionality is now extended to Zoho Sheet allowing you to create Pivot tables & Pivot charts on your structured data or from a range of spreadsheet data.

This unique integration between Zoho Sheet & Zoho DB brings in some new capabilities to Zoho Sheet. You can now import upto 100,000 rows of structured data to Zoho Sheet from a CSV file. Pivot tables and pivot charts can be created by simple drag and drop interface.


Pivot Tables & Macros are just two of the key functionalities added in this update. Complete list is available here.

As you may have noticed, we are adding more depth to our existing applications apart from adding new apps. We believe in feature-rich business applications and you’ll see us improving and integrating our apps further.

As always, we can’t wait to hear your feedback on this new update.

4 Replies to “Macros, Pivot Tables & More in Zoho Sheet”

  1. this is hot and cool. i thank you for your support in helping me find the answers for visual basic macros

  2. this is hot and cool. i thank you for your support in helping me find the answers for visual basic macros

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