IPL Gadgets for Cricket Fans – Powered by Zoho Sheet

We are huge Cricket fans here at Zoho. With IPL (Indian Premier League) fever upon us, we couldn’t resist creating some gadgets for IPL, with Zoho Apps of course.

We created few gadgets using Zoho Sheet for IPL which automatically gathers IPL information. These gadgets can be embedded on your website or blog.

Here is a gadget that displays IPL 2009 Standings

A more comprehensive Spreadsheet with additional information is available here.

This Sheet can infact be added to iGoogle as well.

If you like these gadgets, you can embed these on your website or blog. You can find the gadgets and the corresponding HTML code to embed here (hosted on Zoho Wiki).


If you are interested in how these gadgets were created, here is some information.

These are basically live gadgets created using Zoho Sheet and are updated without any manual intervention in Zoho Sheet. Here is how we have used the various cool features in Zoho Sheet:

  1. The above Points Table is automatically updated from cricbuzz.com by using our Link External Data (HTML page) feature in Zoho Sheet,
  2. The Points Table cell range has been published using the Publish Range feature, and
  3. The Charts have been published using the Publish Charts
    functionality in Zoho Sheet.

Zoho Sheet automatically fetches the
external data at 1400 hrs PST daily and the published charts and tables are
automatically updated as the data changes. These are just few gadgets we created and we are sure you can get even more creative with some of these features in Zoho Sheet.

If you follow the league as passionately as we do, you might find these gadgets useful.

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