How to embed your spreadsheet into any webpage/blog

William Davidson, a new Zoho Sheet user, created an online spreadsheet today about his favorite topic – Films! (may we add that we love movies too!)

William made a simple sheet of the ten highest-grossing international movies (non-USA box office) of all time using IMDb’s list as his source. He shared this sheet with us, and wanted to know how he could embed this sheet into his blog.

We showed him how easily it could be done.

First, create the spreadsheet (you can create a new one or import an existing spreadsheet).

Next, use the ‘Make Public and Embed’ option to provide you the HTML snippet of your spreadsheet.

Finally, just use the HTML code in any of your web-pages or your blog – you can embed it in any of your Zoho Writer or Zoho Show documents also! Here’s a sample!

William, there you go! 🙂

Amit Agarwal, the brain behind the Digital Inspiration weblog, has written this clear and concise tutorial/article about how Zoho Sheet can be used to embed interactive online spreadsheets into any HTML page, whether it’s your blog or your website!

Thank you, Amit. We’re glad to note that you found us easy to use! 🙂

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