How people use Zoho Sheet

Here is a sample list of how people use Zoho Sheet:

1. uses Zoho Sheet and other Web 2.0 tools to enable collaborative ranking of albums and songs. The list of songs sorted by the score / rating is listed on their website using the Publish Range feature in Zoho Sheet. Check out the following links :

Notice how seamlessly it integrates into their website.

2. Brad at, has created this online calculator long back using Zoho Sheet to find the width of a PCB trace based on power dissipation. This can even be embedded into a web page / blog now.

3. embeds lot of published ranges and graphs in one of their pages:

4. uses Zoho Sheet for recording baseball scores. Check out the Box Score link at the top and the published range at the bottom.

5. Here is nice analysis of participation inequality taking the rating of YouTube videos as an example. Zoho Sheet is used to do the analysis and to embed the interactive spreadsheet in this blog.

6. WebtopOS opens up Zoho’s office tools from the Web Office Tools icon on its web desktop.

7. Our friends at Jambav have created this interactive “parenting stress level checklist” in Zoho Sheet and have embedded it in their website for parents to try out.

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