How to Increase conversions from your email marketing campaigns the easy way: Integrate a live chat software with MailChimp

Wondering if your email campaign was a success? You know your bounce rate, open rate and click rate. But what happened to those recipients who did land on your website? Have they converted? This is where your Chimp could use some more IQ. SalesIQ, website live chat software gives you all this information in real-time.

 Once a recipient of one of your campaigns lands on the website, their activities on the site, everything from the number of pages browsed to the time spent on each page can be viewed by you on the SalesIQ dashboard.

 This intelligence can be used to create more email lists for follow up campaigns based on actions performed by the recipients and to identify where they have shown interest on the website, helping you enhance personalized engagement in real-time. The infographic below will help you understand how to boost conversions through your email marketing efforts.



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