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la langue est la pierre angulaire d’une entreprise mondiale.

hast du das verstanden?

no te preocupes

nós o traduzimos para o inglês para você. aqui está- Language is the lifeblood of a global business. 

Do you speak any of these languages? If not, our humble apologies.

But imagine the frustration of an angry customer trying to explain their concern in a language they don’t speak fluently and then trying to make sense of what the customer service representative is saying. Being forced to communicate in a language you’re not 100% comfortable with makes for an unenjoyable customer experience, no matter how good your product, service, or after-purchase support really is.

If you did speak one of those languages at the top, you might have had a smile on your face seeing a familiar tongue. That’s the sensation you give customers when you speak their language.

And in today’s age of cut-throat competition, positive customer experience is the best way to differentiate your organization. Businesses are now increasingly becoming more customer-centric, and consumers and companies are continually setting a higher bar when it comes to customer experience.

By helping customers in their own language, you’re not just removing an obstacle—you’re making them feel welcome. This is a huge advantage for you since, most often than not, buying isn’t just a logical decision—it’s an emotional one too.

In fact, a survey conducted by Common Sense Advisory found that

  • 60% of online shoppers rarely or never purchase from English-only websites,

  • 55% of the participants preferably shop when the content is in their first language,

  • 53% argue that it’s more convenient if a website is translated into their native language, and

  • 74% of consumers are more likely to repurchase if after-sales care is offered in their language.

When you speak your customer’s language, you create an instant connection. So, it’s no surprise that customers reportedly trust websites that offer services in their language more than those who don’t.

That little extra effort you make in putting together a multilingual website, product, and after-sales support shows that you have put a great deal of thought and care into your customer’s comfort. As with anything in business, if the customer thinks you care, they will want to do business with you.

While multiple translation services enable you to custom deliver your website and product in a multitude of languages based on user preferences, there is still a gap in terms of how conversations that are usually dynamic—and sometimes emotionally charged—are translated for your support team, reducing the turn-around time for issue resolution.

The chat translation feature in Zoho SalesIQ, our live chat and customer engagement platform, helps you to do exactly this by translating conversations in real-time, both for the support team and for your customers, facilitating engaging conversations and thereby increasing customer retention.

 So, what are you waiting for?

 Start speaking to customers in their own language. Build that instant connection!


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  1. Very good i have test all is ok Which would be great, it would be necessary that the banner of the chat indicates multilingual

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