Presenting Answer Bot in Zoho SalesIQ

Give your agents a break and get the best of AI for customer engagement in one go using Zoho SalesIQ.

In our last blog, we covered the multiple ways you can build and use your Resources in SalesIQ. Now we’re very excited to bring you an even cooler way to boost your customer engagement:

Presenting Answer Bot in Zoho SalesIQ!

What is it?

Answer Bot is your AI-driven smart support assistant in SalesIQ that can converse with prospects and customers based on the data available in your Resources module.

How is Answer Bot different from Zobot?

While Zobot needs to be built with a little bit of coding or with a structured flow of responses in order to reply to prospects and customers, Answer Bot just requires you to configure it, and then it takes the data already available in the Resources module to reply to the prospects and customers.

How will it benefit my business?

Around-the-clock engagement

When customers are your priority, it’s better to not keep them waiting. However, on busy days, you often can’t afford to have a dedicated agent to offer answers to frequently asked questions, which might hamper their productivity. Configure your Answer Bot to do the work for you!

Your Answer Bot can be your extra set of hands to attend to your prospects and customers or be an additional part of your crew that’s active 24/7 to boost your customer engagement. You can also associate all or specific departments of the Brand to Answer Bot as well.

Choose your Resources

We know how valuable your time is, which is why besides being fairly easy to configure, your Answer Bot can be crucial in helping save your agents time and effort that can be put to better use solving complex issues.

It can strike up a proactive conversation, engage your customers with small talk, and even answer their basic queries by sharing relevant articles and FAQs from your Resource library with ease, avoiding the need for your agent to step in.

In case it doesn’t have the answers, Answer Bot auto-records those unanswered questions in Resources for you to seamlessly associate or add the relevant information and update your FAQs and Articles.

(Psst…You can also try having a conversation with Answer Bot in the preview window to see how it will look for your visitors.)

Customize handoff responses

Prepare your Answer Bot for any scenario with personalized replies and follow-up actions to make it more approachable with the right amount of product knowledge.

For example, sometimes issues might be more serious and your agents need to step in and take over from Answer Bot. In those cases, you can make the transition seamless by incorporating these custom responses and follow-up actions to enhance Answer Bot’s conversation skills with your prospects and customers.

Or if a customer hasn’t replied for a while, Answer Bot can nudge the customer or even end the conversation when the chat has been idle for a specific duration.

Ready to get started?

Hit Deploy and relax knowing your prospects and customers are taken care of by your Answer Bot!

As we continue to enhance Answer Bot in SalesIQ, we would love to hear your feedback as well as your favorite SalesIQ features in the comments below! 🙂


6 Replies to Presenting Answer Bot in Zoho SalesIQ

  1. Can answer bot be synced with CRM to search for customer data like an order number etc and then send a confirmation email out based on that customers last transaction?

    1. Hi Adriano, We're excited to let you know that this is already on our roadmap and will be available soon! We’ll be sure to inform you of any updates regarding it. Keep using Zoho SalesIQ :)

      1. Thanks Tina for your reply. Great to hear that it will be available soon. And great new feature, I look forward to test it.

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