Skillsets that set your candidates apart in the era of ChatGPT

With ChatGPT's ability to access information at unimaginable speeds, write anything, generate code, and create websites, what skillsets should you be looking for while hiring candidates?

will AI replace humansWith AI and automation revolutionizing technology, a sense of worry has set amongst candidates, that their jobs will become obsolete. Jobs and their nature evolve constantly, and according to a report by World Economic Forum (WEF), while AI could replace 85 million jobs in the future, it can create 97 million jobs at the same time. Moreover, technology is meant to make our jobs more efficient by doing repetitive tasks for us, not to replace humans.

AI forces humans to do what they do best  

As exciting as the new advancements in AI are, they need human input to train on, and they need humans to fact check. Machines need humans to give them creative input and specific strategic direction.

However, machines can learn and work at a rapid pace. This is why it is imperative to understand how to truly empower employees with this technology. Employers need to start looking for skills that are unique to humans and make sure that they are able to think critically and creatively.

will AI replace humans

These should be the quintessential qualities of today's candidates:

Creativity and innovation

No matter how technology grows in the upcoming years, machines might never be capable of original, independent thought.

Emotional intelligence

Humans drive business decisions, and you need people to listen actively, understand specific requirements, empathize, and generate meaningful solutions.

Communication skills

Machines might replicate human language, but they cannot form genuine human connections. Communication skills are a must to ensure that work flows smoothly inside and outside the organization.

Analytical skills

AI lacks the ability to truly understand what matters to stakeholders, making them poor at problem solving and deriving useful solutions.


Competent talent must be able to adapt to the changing dynamics of the work environment and grow with new technology.

Ability to be a team player

Being able to collaborate effectively with other people can have crucial impact on overall work output and business outcomes.

Leadership skills

Candidates with leadership skills and ones who can take initiative can positively impact everyone that they work with. And when they move up to leadership roles, they should be able to set a vision for their team.

Work ethic

It is crucial that the candidate you hire is professional, driven, and has integrity, as these qualities are seldom taught.

ChatGPT as a skill 

A human working with a machine is far more powerful than either of them working independently. Just like any other technology, humans need to learn how to work with artificial intelligence too.

To have a real advantage, employers should be looking out for candidates who know how to use ChatGPT to support their work. With the amount of ways that the tool can be used, a person is only limited by their creativity.

Upsides of using ChatGPT 

Anybody can do what ChatGPT can do as long as they have the time and access to everything on the internet.

will AI replace humans

The tool can be used to find errors in code, draw insights from data, create content, write FAQs and job descriptions, translate text, and so much more. With ChatGPT, you can: 

  • Automate mundane, repetitive tasks that are based on specific instructions.

  • Cut down on a significant amount of research time.

  • Get more time to focus on strategizing and coming up with fresh ideas.

  • Ultimately achieve greater productivity.

Downsides of using ChatGPT  

As the bot's own website notes, "ChatGPT sometimes writes plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers." Moreover, as the machine learns from individuals who train it, it can be inherently biased. It cannot separate false information from accurate data not can it troubleshoot its work. Plus, ChatGPT does not have access to the latest events.

Wrapping up 

Tech has been growing constantly, jobs have been evolving, and the need for human beings has always been there, even during the pandemic. While conversational AI is extremely effective and impressive, many technologies that it uses have existed for years, and it is far from replacing humans. It is up to us to find good talent and nurture skills that AI cannot replicate, as well as to think of more creative ways to use AI to our advantage.

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