The importance of employee advocacy in recruitment

Putting a face to your brand is a necessity. At the end of the day, people trust other people more than they trust brands, and seeing a diverse set of people who are happy, engaged, and passionate about working for you can build immense trust amongst your potential candidates. This is what makes employee advocacy an important way to establish your organization's employer brand.

employee advocacy

How does employee advocacy make a difference?  

Deliver the right expectations

Showing a look inside your company can help you get an edge over your competitors by delivering the right expectations to your candidates. Employee stories are more relatable and can help you build your candidates' trust, and your organization's authority.

Improve talent retention

By sharing your employee's personal experience, you are sharing a first-hand look into your company's culture. This can help you attract the right talent by giving them a clearer picture of what they are signing up for, and help you find talent that wants to stay in your company.

Spread your message organically

Employee testimonials are a valuable form of social proof and are easily shared and seen on social media. This will organically increase your visibility towards potential talent.

Build a sense of community

Working together with your employees on nurturing your employer brand can help them understand your company's mission, and give them a way to be a part it.

Showcase your commitment to employee growth

Recognizing your employees is key to letting them, and your potential candidates, know about how much you value their work and growth.

Set your goals before you put in the work  

Before you start generating content with your employees, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve. Garner feedback, paint a clear picture of how your company is being perceived, and figure out what part of your company needs representation. This way, you will understand what stories will create an impact, and choose the right employees to share them.

employee advocacy

Candidates only see what you show them 

When it comes to sharing your employees' stories, you want them to be present everywhere your candidates are looking. Carefully plan your content and media strategy to ensure that you are reaching a wide audience. Based on what you want to achieve with your employees' content and the nature of it, you can share it on your social media, YouTube channel, blog, career site, or even your website.

Here's what to know about employee-generated content 

Authenticity is key

Don't script everything! It might take away from the authenticity of your content. Make sure that your content brings out your culture, values, and your employees' authentic experiences.

Social media is everything

Encourage employees to repost your content on their social media pages, and encourage them to generate content of their own. This inspires potential talent, and it creates a positive image for your company.

Pave the way for content generation

You cannot post something that doesnt exist. Have events, do more volunteer work, or even consider creating brand merchandise! Making sure that your employees are engaging with you is key.

employee advocacy

Ask personal questions

Show a regular day of what it is like to be a part of your company. Let your employees genuinely share what they like about the company, how they have grown personally and professionally, and how it is different from the other jobs that they have held.  

Make sure everybody feels included

Make sure to include employees from all levels so that you can really show different perspectives on what it is like to be a part of your company.

Building a culture of recognition and feedback 

To generate content from your employees, you need to first ensure that they are truly happy with their workplace experiences. Let them know that their feedback is welcome and how it benefits both them and the company. Give them the right incentive to ensure that they know that their feedback is appreciated.

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