Customer Spotlight: Full Stack Talent streamlines their recruitment process using Zoho Recruit


“There’s no life without Zoho Recruit.”

Staffing agencies compete in a bustling market where it’s difficult for any company to stand out. How does a company that started small pivot to become a successful staffing agency?

Full Stack Talent has been successful in an extremely competitive market by pivoting, creating a unique value proposition, and always staying focused on their true north.

The beginning  

In 2017, Full Stack Talent CEO and founder Michael Sunderland had built up a stable business helping candidates find the right jobs for them. Still, he found himself going through the same hurdles repeatedly to match a candidate with a job.

To be successful in recruiting, recruiters and their candidates must be on the same page. This helps greatly in building stronger relationships. However, it can be overwhelming at times to keep in constant communication with each candidate when juggling multiple job orders with several candidates.

The change  

There’s plenty to do in the staffing industry, and Michael soon found that too much of the company’s time and money was being consumed trying to customize a tool that couldn’t work the way they needed it to. In his previous company, he set about looking for a solution that was flexible enough to fit their business processes and recognize the inefficiency of that current recruitment system. After researching the market, he found Zoho Recruit. In no time, he and his team could come up with a customized solution to support their unique line of work.

When Michael started Full Stack Talent in Tampa, Florida in 2017, he brought Zoho Recruit straight into his new company. With this new tool in place, Full Stack Talent was able to automate recurring activities, process more candidates, and improve overall efficiency.

“We had Zoho Recruit up and running in no time.”

-Michael Sunderland, Founder & CEO

The result  

Zoho Recruit became a massive hit among Michael’s team in Florida, and now Full Stack Talent has come to trust Zoho’s recruitment platform to manage its entire recruitment process. Here’s what they loved the most:

  • Customization

Customizability was the critical feature that Michael’s team was looking for from the beginning. Zoho Recruit was everything they needed. From creating new modules to fit their business to adding custom statuses at various stages in the hiring process, Zoho Recruit gave them the flexibility they needed.

  • Customer Support

“The team is always there to help.” – Rachel Brownlee, Talent Expert. 
You can receive hands-on support from Zoho’s team and get acquainted with your software through guided one-on-one sessions and configuration assistance.

  • Automation

Zoho Recruit intelligently strategizes Full Stack Talent’s recruitment workflow and tells them how to go about any process. Simple and remarkable.

  • Cost

“We pay a very reasonable price.” – Michael Sunderland, Founder & CEO

Zoho Recruit continues to be the most economical recruitment platform in the market. It’s feature-rich, completely customizable, and starts from just $25 per month.


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