Introducing the new player in test automation: Zoho QEngine!

Hi there,

I'm pleased to introduce Zoho QEngine, the test automation software to run your entire testing lifecycle. Zoho QEngine is built for quality and development teams within IT departments. Currently, the public beta is open.

How Zoho QEngine helps you

An organization would use multiple apps, native integrations and custom functions for their specific needs. As a Zoho customer, you'd be aware that custom integrations and workflows use Custom Functions and Widgets within apps such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Desk, etc.

Zoho QEngine can automate tests for these integrations and business workflows. For example, creating a project in Zoho Projects when a deal has been marked 'won' in CRM. Here's a product walkthrough showcasing a similar use case.

Similarly the custom apps built on Zoho Creator and Catalyst can also be tested with Zoho QEngine.

Zoho QEngine for Software developers & QA teams

Organizations that build software/applications for their clients' extensive needs, boutique firms that provide testing services to large enterprises, face challenges with agile testing of new functionalities, deploying in multiple platforms and fewer resources.

As a robust test automation software, Zoho QEngine eases the complete testing lifecycle for software development. Our software helps test any application accessed through web browsers, mobile apps and APIs.

For example, Zoho QEngine can test e-commerce applications end-to-end.  It helps test scenarios like adding a product to the cart, subsequent purchase, adding reviews/ratings and more.

Zoho QEngine's test automation software helps create, manage, and execute test cases and identify errors to provide enterprise-grade, high-quality applications.

Here are QEngine's prominent features

Cross-platform test case management

Zoho QEngine helps write and manage multiple test cases in parallel, across platforms (web browser, Android, iOS, and API)—and all this in the same project window! This is something that sets Zoho QEngine apart from other contemporaries on the market.

Flexible test case builder for agile test automation

Zoho QEngine has no-code, low-code, and pro-code editors that help make building test cases easier. With QEngine's recorder option, you can record actions/tasks on applications and code of the user action is generated for testing. This is to aid writing test cases faster. In addition, the low-code builder has a drag-and-drop interface with prebuilt syntax, and the pro-code editor can help write test cases manually.

Web testing

Zoho QEngine is equipped to test your web application's functionality on different browsers (like Chrome and Firefox) and different versions. With minimal to no coding, building and managing automated test cases for web applications is easy and quick.

Mobile testing

With functionalities such as mobile emulators and simulators, Appium compatibility, and real device testing, Zoho QEngine ensures your test cases for mobile meet quality standards.

API testing

Customizing and executing API requests, connections for API authentications, validating assertions of API requests, and more, is possible when API testing with QEngine.

AI aided Self-healing

Zoho QEngine is armed with reusable identifiers and locators for your test cases. With QEngine, you can manage element repositories, functions, reusable test cases, and more. Efficient AI algorithms automatically replace broken locators and identifiers to maintain quality test cases.

Undeniable results

You asked—we delivered. Zoho QEngine has a comprehensive visual dashboard that showcases total execution runs, ongoing test case schedules, various test case environments, failed test cases, success rates, and more.

Your entire team on QEngine

Assign roles to your team for effective test case deployment and seamless decision-making for a comprehensive testing lifecycle Set approvals based on user responsibilities in managing the test cases.. Collaborate on test cases with built-in communication tools.

Test automation with enterprise-grade security

Zoho QEngine helps you execute test cases on the cloud, a local server, or a hybrid cloud—all in a secure, serverless environment.

Here's an overview of all the features

What's on our product roadmap?

Zoho QEngine will soon come equipped with:

• Data-driven testing - Test reporting that captures success and error scenarios based on user-given values

    • Advanced reporting - Comparison with previously run test reports to identify changes

      • Integration with CI/CD tools - Integration with tools for continuous integration and continuous delivery and deployment of applications

        • Integration with project management tools - As a completion of the testing lifecycle, integrations with project management tools and bug-tracking solutions help to document errors for future use

        Zoho's solution for a complete software testing lifecycle—Zoho QEngine

        Automation is the crux of a product that aims to help run test cases. As test automation software, QEngine is equipped with:

        • The ability to build test cases across platforms (web, mobile, API) with a no-code recorder, a low-code builder, and a manual editor

        • Seamless test case management within the same project window

        • AI aided Self-healing

        • One-click test case execution

        • Many more features that help ease the testing process

        Reduce your initial investment for test automation setup.

        Use Zoho QEngine for free on web and mobile for 2 months!

        Try the future of test automation with Zoho QEngine.

        Vice President, Product Management
        Zoho Corporation


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