Making of Zoho Polls

We launched Zoho Polls last week. Let me share how Zoho Polls happened. It was just started as a fun project and is completely the work of just 1 person, Godwin.

We use an internal web application to rate the daily lunch food served and track the satisfaction levels. So each of us will rate the overall quality and the individual menu items after having our lunch. Comments on the food can also be added. The daily feedback and the overall trend would be monitored by the concerned people. So this is a simple application to track the quality of food based on user feedback. There were some limitations like it is a generic, static menu from the database.

Then we had a requirement for our music band to select songs to perform at our company-wide function. So we just took the codebase of our food application and stripped down some functionality like the daily rating and trend. Added entries directly in the database for the selected songs. Then the band members were asked to rate each song so that they can prioritize and rehearse the top numbers.Then we decided why not have a generic tool for rating where anyone can create a poll and fill out the options and send it across to the team for rating. There were many uses for this service like:

  • Rating the various designs of the Zoho logo
  • Rating different UI prototypes for a specific screen (Sample)
  • Rating the next set of features that should go into a product to help prioritize

We then added the ability to vote too - the normal one where you need to select only one option in the poll. There are a lot more uses for this like:

  • Selecting a name for the product
  • Choosing a restaurant to dine (treat!)
  • Predicting who will win the elections

Thus Zoho Polls was born. If you want to make a decision or get other's opinion just create a public / private poll and share it with your friends or embed it on your website / blog so that your visitors can participate in the poll.

Thanks Godwin for rolling out Zoho Polls.


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