And the winners of the Sell Big contest are...

Small Businesses Sell Big Contest Winners

It was heartening to realize how many of you still believe in the magic of small businesses, as was evident from the thousands of registrations we received for the "Small Businesses Sell Big with Zoho" contest. Promising and talented people around the world participated: game developers, artists, local marketing agencies, non-profit groups, bakeries, travel agencies, and even a couple of breweries. We had so much fun sifting through the registrations, reading all the creative descriptions, laughing at some of your witty tweet promotions, and totaling up the votes to finally arrive at a list of winners.

The well-deserved grand prize worth $20,000 goes to…*cue the drumroll*… Multivarious Games! An app development company from Columbus, Ohio, they are currently at the forefront of a budding community of game developers in the region.

Interesting Kyiv, a travel agency from Ukraine, came in at a close second. If you ever fancy a visit to Eastern Europe, they are among the top travel agents in their country, and are highly recommended on TripAdvisor. Just saying.

One of our third prize winners is Starla Michelle, a brilliant local artist from Austin, Texas, who quit her job to follow her heart. Thank you for that, Starla. Your colorful works of art were a treat to our eyes.

Small Businesses Sell Big with Zoho contest winners announcement

We had a lot of entries, and not everyone could win. However, we did have a few special "Staff Picks" that we decided to show a little love. 

Joel Buhr of First Direct, and his very expressive 5-year-old Nora, made us all go “awwww” with an adorable video of them both campaigning for votes. Nora addresses her friends, her momma, and her Great-grandma Buhr before her father explains to her that they are talking to "the whole wide world." Full marks for cuteness.

A lot of NGOs participated, and it was heartwarming to know that there are so many people out there who are passionate about changing the world for the better. Engaging Alzheimer’s is one such organization based in New York that helps families of people dealing with the disease.

The Healthy Living is an online platform promoting healthy lifestyles and body images. It’s run by Muamer Dajdic, who overcame a life-threatening obesity condition of his own, and is now committed to helping others overcome their body issues.

As far as friendly gestures go, we noticed this one in particular from Creative Analysis. They entered KC Communications in the contest and extended their support and encouragement for their favorite small business.

SafeOut is a safety app for women from Fly2Spot. This app helps people stay alert and connected to the people who matter the most. At times of distress this app can be a life saver.

The inspiring stories of small businesses dedicated to serving their community are what keep us going and makes us so good at what we do. Thank you for believing in us, and in the magic of small business. 


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  1. Grangratulations to all Winners, Please can you Post the entire list of participants on the Companies? And thank you for the opportunities.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners! We also want to give a shout out to zoho for supporting the little guys out there. We appreciate your support of entrepreneurship and all that you do for small businesses. Please keep doing what you do. EssayKick

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