Zoho PageSense + Intercom—add context to your conversations


Your website is your brand's identity, and all your marketing efforts pay off when you drive more traffic to your website and convert more visitors into customers.

Now let's say your website gets zillions of visitors every day. While your live chat lets you assist every user personally, it might not be enough to understand and address the unique needs of every visitor. In most cases you end up guiding them on instinct.

Imagine how powerful your conversations could be if you had better customer insights! That's why Zoho PageSense has joined forces with Intercom—to give context to your conversations and add insights to your instincts.

Here's how you can use this integration to give your visitors what they want:

Session recording—know how visitors engage with your website 

See how visitors interact with your website, from the moment they enter till they leave. This will give you deeper insights into what they do on your website, how they do it, where they bounce off, and where and why they get stuck. For example, if a visitor connects with you over chat and complains about an event registration failure, you can play their session recording, learn where they went wrong, and then guide them accordingly.


Goals—understand a visitor's journey

Every visitor goes through a unique journey before becoming a customer. With goals, you can track key website metrics and get a 360-degree view of how a visitor achieves them. Consider this: your goal is to make visitors download a case study from your landing page. Obviously, the visitors who download the case study are more engaged and interested in your business than those who don't. Use this information to engage with them better!


Messages—send targeted emails and messages

We all know mass emails no longer work, and people want their communication to be personal. Send contextual emails and messages from Intercom, based on the actions visitors take on your website and the goals they achieve during their journey. This will not only help build a personal connection with them but also help you boost your website conversions.


Please tell us in the comments below how you like this integration, and what integrations you'd like to see in the future!


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