Introducing Zoho PageSense's free plan for Google Optimize users

Numerous testers must have felt disappointed with the news of Google Optimize and Optimize 360's sunset by Sept 30, 2023.

Google Optimize enabled websites to test and implement their CRO strategies for free. Its features—A/B test, Split URL/Redirect test, Multivariate test, and personalization—  helped users understand more about website optimization.

To all the let-down users searching for robust and reliable CRO alternatives, Zoho PageSense, a CRO and personalization platform, offers 10+ tools under one blanket. It lets you track website KPIs, understand visitor behaviour, and address your website's conversion killers; plus it offers tools focusing on visitor engagement, such as polls, push notifications, and popups. Get access to everything you need to continue and expand your experimentation journey.

Try Zoho PageSense for free for three months 

To extend our support, our team has structured a three-month free plan where you can track up to 5k visitors/month with access to personalization, web analytics, A/B testing, and Split URL testing. We also have a dedicated team to help you with product implementation and onboarding training sessions and will provide an in-depth demo on how to accomplish your goals with our product.

Expand your experimentation journey

Unlike other products, you don't have to toggle between various apps to conduct different experiments like Heatmaps, A/B Testing, Form Analytics, and Session Recording. Also, our plans are designed to suit different business goals, with unique options available for every business size.

Moreover, Zoho is known for its seamless integration with other Zoho apps, helping you extend your business functionalities as you grow. We are GDPR compliant; we take the utmost care when protecting your data—names, passwords, email addresses, or any personal information concerning your visitors are masked by default.

We strive hard to promote the importance of data-backed experiments and how they impact your website conversions. If you want to improve your optimization journey, invest in a CRO solution like Zoho PageSense that allows you to monitor and manage your entire roadmap on website optimization under one platform.

If you're an existing Google Optimize user or an Optimize 360 user interested in migrating to Zoho PageSense, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team will be ready to help you migrate effortlessly.

Please feel free to share your questions and concerns at We're always here to help!  


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