New Notebook update: Integration with IFTTT

We're excited to announce the most requested integration from Notebook users: Integration with IFTTT. Yes, Notebook is now integrated with IFTTT which allows you to improve your productivity and focus on what matters to you the most.

Save your favorite tweets in Twitter, links in your RSS Feed, and your favorite content in Pocket to Notebook, and do much more with the new Notebook and IFTTT integration.

IFTTT offers both free and paid versions to users. All IFTTT users can enable unlimited published Applets such as the Notebook and Twitter applet.

Get a 25% discount on IFTTT Pro's annual subscription when you subscribe via this link. The offer is valid until July 9th, 2021.

You can also create your own applets with this list of triggers and actions:


  1. New Text note card in Notebook

  2. New Image note card in Notebook

  3. New File note card in Notebook

  4. New Checklist note card in Notebook

  5. New Audio note card in Notebook

  6. New Bookmark note card in Notebook

  7. New Sketch note card in Notebook

  8. Add Specific Tag to note card

  9. New Reminder created


  1. Create Text note card

  2. Create note card with HTML

  3. Create Image note card

  4. Create Bookmark card

  5. Create File card

  6. Change Notebook cover

Notebook and Twitter

 Ever want to revisit a favorite tweets without having to scroll through your entire Twitter feed? Don't worry: now you can connect Notebook and Twitter to save your favorite tweets as note cards in Notebook.

Notebook and RSS Feed

Have you ever wanted to save content from your RSS Feed without having to copy the link and then switch tabs? You can now do just that by connecting Notebook and your RSS Feed in IFTTT to automatically save links from your RSS Feed into Notebook.

Notebook and Pocket

With this new integration, any link you save in Pocket will automatically be saved as a Link card in Notebook.

The new Notebook and IFTTT integration provides with you a lot of applets which allow you to reduce distractions and save time for what you want to focus on. If you have any applets you'd like us to build, please let us know in the comments section below or write to us at

Happy note-taking and stay safe!


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