A #Recap of Zoho Notebook in 2022

The new year is here! We'll never forget 2022 because it was such a productive year for the Notebook team. We launched many interesting and impressive features like notebook sharing, noteworthy integrations, new enhancements, and more. We didn't stop with this; we took another huge step and brought in Notebook Pro, the premium version of the Notebook app, offering some exclusive plans last month.

We're grateful for everything we’ve achieved this year and there’s a lot we’re working on for the new year. Our in-store plans for 2023 will introduce more fruitful and advanced features for both the free and premium plans of Notebook. Also, we're planning to integrate with more distinguished apps in the store to provide you with quick accessibility and noteworthy tools.

So we want you to tune in for all of that, but now let's do a quick recap of every nook and cranny of Notebook's releases that were rolled out this year and explore everything we’re working on for the upcoming year.

Share and collaborate effectively

Until last year, you shared notecards with your peers and friends. We received many requests to develop a feature that allows users to share a whole notebook, so we started working on that, and we released this feature to share notebooks and notecard groups earlier this year. From the feedback we’ve received, it seems like this feature has been a hit!

As an added benefit, you can now see everyone a note is shared with and you can @ mention a person's name or email ID in your organization to share a note. Now, you can share your notebooks easily–simply swipe it from the outside without opening it, and you can copy notebooks to a shared notebook.

Set recurring reminders

You can now set recurring reminders regardless of the day, week, month, or year. Instead of getting reminded to set reminders every time, you can set your own recurring reminders to fit your needs. To enhance this feature, we've created a way to customize your recurring reminders on the date and time you prefer. This feature is available in Notebook Pro.

Read offline, preview links, and copy as markdown

Read all of the articles you've saved in your Bookmark Cards offline without any interruptions. So, with no ads, just enjoy your reading hassle-free. Watch a preview of the links that you attach to your notes in a nicely organized view—every meticulous detail of the link such as the title, description, and image will be displayed as a note. Also, we heard that many of you love the Markdown format of text while writing. So, now you can copy your text as Markdown accordingly for your convenience.

Integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoho Meeting, and Projects

You know we've already integrated with Microsoft Teams to make your work easier with Notebook. Because you can bring your thoughts and teams together in the same place and organize all your ideas without switching tabs, now you can also take notes for your meetings, post your notes as chat messages, and increase your productivity with the Zoho Notebook bot. Take notes quickly by enabling minutes of meeting templates and access your notebooks in Zoho Meeting in no time, and associate notes to a specific task or issue in Zoho Projects.

WebP format and Note Activities

It's now possible to upload hundreds of images in webP format in your Photo Cards in Notebook so you can enjoy your memories vividly. View all of the activities completed by the people you've shared your note with, whether they've just viewed your note or edited it with the date and time.

Privacy on the go

You've created many notecards in different places, and you might have seen those locations being added to your notecards. Now you want to remove those locations for privacy reasons. Good news—you can do that now, for extra security and peace of mind.

We respect your privacy so much that if you're closing your Notebook account, we leave it in your hands. You can close your Notebook account from your mobile app itself and without having to log in to your account from the web.

Notebook for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura

As we do every year, we've made some cool features paired with Apple's technology. You can now access your notes from the lock-screen widgets, share Checklist Cards during FaceTime, apply Focus mode filters, extract text from images, search for text, pick images from Photo Picker, work on multiple resizable windows using Stage Manager, set shortcuts, and apply Siri intents on corresponding Apple devices. For the recent WatchOS 9, you can create Photo Cards from your Apple Watch and insert images using the Photo Picker option.

Notebook's premium plans

We unveiled Notebook Pro and some exclusive plans for different users this year. Notebook Pro is tailored with advanced features like more storage, powerful AI tools, and more. We followed this up by launching Notebook for Students, which is absolutely free for students so they can manage all of their daily tasks and use collaborative noteboards for organizing homework. Notebook for Business manages access controls for the members of your organization so you can share and collaborate at the organization level in notebooks, and more. Notebook for Educational Institution make sharing assignments and collaboration between students and tutors easier. Learn more.

Notes for ChatGPT

Notebook offered a Web Clipper extension for ChatGPT to save you time from copying all of your conversational text, so you can save all of your conversations as notes in the Notebook app without switching tabs. You can simply ask all of your questions in ChatGPT and save the whole conversation or each conversation as a note in Notebook.

What's cooking for 2023?

We hope you love everything we’ve made up until now. With all of your support, we're going to step into the new year with even more ideas for Notebook. As mentioned earlier, we do have a lot on our plate—we're always committed to providing you with more exclusive and quality features, starting from elevating your note-taking experience, followed by organizing your notes, and to provide you with more effective collaborating tools. We promise we'll be offering integrations that value more than just taking notes with great apps in the coming year, to make your work even easier and take your productivity to the next level.

That's all for now! It's your turn to tell us what you like the most. Leave a comment with your suggestions or feedback, and follow us on Twitter @ZohoNotebook to stay up to date on new features. As always, thank you for your trust and relationship with us. See you all next time with an interesting update!

Happy note-taking and productive New Year!


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