The many ways you can use Chartistic

Chartistic is a simple chart making app. You can create your first chart in under a minute. Make pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and area charts. The scales, grid, border, and legends are all customizable. You’ll also find a slick clip-art visualizer which we’re sure will make your content stand out.

We released Chartistic to the app store a couple months ago without much hype. But the app has undoubtedly struck a chord with people all over the world: it has been downloaded over a hundred thousand times in over 150 countries, and was listed in the App Store’s ten best apps of 2016.

Chartistic is the fastest, easiest, and the coolest way to create beautiful charts. Here’s a taste of what Chartistic can do:

A sales report in your email

Graphics for your presentation


Visuals for your social media posts

Of course, there’s so much more you can do with Chartistic. Try it out and let us know what you think.


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