How Campus Live provides  online training with Zoho Meeting

Online learning is becoming a popular mode of education and training in the 21st century because of the ease and convenience it offers to students, employees, and careerists. Anyone, no matter where they’re located or how busy they are, can easily take online courses to gain the knowledge and training they need to achieve personal and professional goals.

For instance, in Latin America, many Spanish-speaking employees who interact with Western clients and businesses face communication challenges because of their lack of command over the English language. In response to this need, an e-learning platform called Campus Live uses Zoho Meeting to help them overcome this barrier by providing English language training through online courses.

Campus Live runs its language training classes on Zoho Meeting

Diego De Marco, the Chief Technical Officer of Campus Live, says they first considered products like Zoom and Skype to host their online courses, but chose Zoho Meeting as it helped them overcome the challenge of having a flexible digital learning tool not constrained by the limits of standard conferencing solutions. Since language learning involves acquiring competency in listening, reading, writing, and speaking, the trainers of Campus Live wanted their online classes to be more interactive than instructional. To achieve this, they wanted to combine the benefits of the online meeting module of Zoho Meeting with some useful features from the webinar module.

Learners in Campus Live sessions use the Raise Hand feature to get the attention of their trainer, just like in a physical classroom. Practicing to articulate sounds and words is an essential part of any language training, and with Zoho Meeting, Campus Live trainers can enable the microphones of learners whenever they need to.The trainer can also enable the microphones of all participants to encourage a full-class discussion.

Zoho Meeting supports video, but also allows Campus Live to keep the web cameras of their learners in disabled mode by default to maintain privacy. This ensures their video will not be mistakenly shared without consent, even when their microphones are enabled by the trainer.

Campus Live’s digital learning courses allow learners to join live classes whenever they want from their computer or mobile device. They can interact directly with their trainers at the time that is most convenient for them.

Campus Live has already helped transform the face of many companies by empowering employees to provide better customer service, understand high-end engineering manuals, and interact with clients—all in English. Customers of Campus Live also say that it has improved the work performance of their employees, opening multiple possibilities in the Western market.

Using Zoho Meeting, Campus Live is currently able to run more than 32 online classes, and this number is growing quickly. In the future, Campus Live plans to add many more courses to their portfolio, expanding to different regions of the world, and Zoho Meeting is proud to be part of their innovative approach to learning.

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