Why is order tracking important to your e-commerce business?

This is a guest post by ShippingChimp.

Ecommerce support centers are flooded with tickets and calls asking “Where is my order?” Customers want real-time visibility of their e-commerce order shipments, with live package statuses, delivery updates, and notifications. Providing customers with accurate shipping information and tracking updates lets them know that your business is reliable, which is crucial to customer retention.

Additionally, having answers for customers is far more pleasing than having to hear, “I don’t know where your package is,” and continual apologies. A customer's order goes through so many steps during transportation. After an order leaves a warehouse or packing facility, it can go to multiple hubs and sorting facilities before it reaches the customer. Giving customers their package's exact location can not only help prevent confusion but also reduce customer anxiety and buyer remorse.

Keep customers on top of their order status with the ShippingChimp and Zoho Desk integration

ShippingChimp allows support agents to track, monitor, and respond to order-related queries right from Zoho Desk. With the integration, support agents can even configure notifications that are automatically sent to shoppers based on shipment activity.

Deliver a seamless customer experience, from checkout to successful delivery, with ShippingChimp for Zoho Desk.

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