Why do field salespeople need a route planner?

This is a guest post by Badger Maps.

Sales reps who visit customers benefit from using a route planner to plan their days. Managers back in the office use it to make sure everything is ticking along nicely. Other field teams, such as those working in field service industries, can use a route planner to efficiently visit more clients. Here's why you should get a route planner app for your field service team.

Save time planning by visualizing where your best customers are

Reps can visualize all of their data on an engaging and interactive map. This shows field reps exactly where their customers are and how to prioritize them.

Spend less time on the road with fully optimized routes

What field rep doesn’t want to spend less time in their car? By optimizing routes, reps avoid being stuck in traffic when they should be in front of customers. Time saved from driving less helps field teams meet with more customers and save on gas.

End busywork by accessing and updating data from the field

With a mobile office that's available from anywhere, field reps have direct access to all of the data they need to do their job efficiently. Adding important data to the route planner app saves reps the hassle of going back to the office at the end of a long day to log all of their customer information.

Additionally, automating activity reporting while on-site makes it easier to share with other team members and managers, creating a smoother and more efficient work process for all.

How can a route planner work with Zoho CRM?  

Badger Maps is a route planner app designed specifically for field teams. With core capabilities such as route optimization and lead generation, reps can automatically plan, route, and maximize their time in the field by cutting down on driving time.  

With Badger Maps, reps can mobilize Zoho CRM, allowing them to take important customer info with them in the field where they spend most of their time. This enables field teams to update and leverage CRM data, all from their phone.

With less time spent on planning, driving, and admin tasks, field teams will have more time to focus on what really matters: selling!

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