The power of valid contact information in CRM

This is a guest post by Nexivo.

Valid contact information ensures that the company can reach out to customers through their preferred channels. With accurate email addresses and phone numbers, the company can send important updates, product information, promotional offers, and personalized communication to the right recipients.

This is where an extension like Phone and Email Verifier for Zoho CRM comes into play.  This extension can help verify the phone numbers and email addresses of customers and prospects in Zoho CRM. Here are five reasons to leverage the extension.

 1. Verify the contact information of new customers 

When a new customer contacts you, use the extension to verify their phone number and email address. This will help you to ensure that the contact information is accurate so that you don't add dirty data to your CRM.

 2. Clean up your contact lists 

If you have a large contact list, you can quickly use the extension to verify phone numbers and email addresses so you can remove any contacts that are no longer valid.

 3. Send targeted email marketing campaigns  

If you're sending marketing emails to a large list of contacts, it's important to ensure that the email addresses are valid. Use the extension to verify email addresses before sending the emails. This will help to improve your email deliverability and reduce the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam.

 4. Protect your privacy  

When you receive an email from an unknown sender, you can use the extension to verify the email address. This will help you to avoid phishing scams and protect your privacy.

 5. Save time 

Verifying phone numbers and email addresses manually can be time-consuming. Use the extension to save time and effort, so you can focus on other important tasks.

This extension can help you ensure that your CRM system houses valid contacts so you can streamline customer communications, support targeted marketing efforts, enhance service delivery, maintain data integrity, and comply with legal requirements.

Try the Phone and Email Verifier for Zoho CRM

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