ProTips: 5 ways to ace employee engagement and motivation

This is a guest post by Xoxoday Plum.

Employees feel valued when their work is recognized and appreciated, leading to increased engagement and morale. Not only that, appreciation also helps employees focus on their day-to-day activities and motivates them to keep performing better.

That's why incentives, rewards, and recognition hold a central place in the people management strategies of any organization. They can influence employee recruitment and retention and also have a huge impact on improving employee performance. Your customers will receive better experiences as well because your employees will be better engaged and ready to deliver their best work.

Here are five tips for rewards and recognition that will help you build a more engaged and motivated workforce.

ProTip 1: Explore the power of instant gratification

Incentive delayed is incentive denied. Employees find value in being acknowledged for their achievements sooner rather than later. If the appreciation is delayed, it can make your employees resentful. Taking advantage of instant gratification is not only a huge morale boost to the achiever—it also motivates others in the team to push harder to reach their goals sooner.

Xoxoday Plum, a cloud-based rewards and recognition solution, partners with several third-party services to provide a vast collection of reward experiences, digital gift cards, benefits, and more. Xoxoday Plum integrates with Zoho People, so you can incentivize your employees with scalable and fast rewards and recognition strategy based on employee performance.

ProTip 2: Provide employees with options and choices

Employees of today expect more thought to go into the rewards, incentives, and benefits they receive. Giving out a standard gift as a reward, limiting rewards to a narrow set of options, or limiting based on location can be extremely demotivating to employees.

With the Xoxoday Plum - Zoho People integration, you can give your employees access to a catalog of 5000+ experiences, 3000+ gift vouchers, and 12000+ perks. Employees are guaranteed to find something that motivates them to keep performing better.

ProTip 3: Automate your rewards and benefits program

Procuring rewards and managing the inventory is only half the challenge. The other half is making sure the process is fair and unbiased. Eliminate all manual processes and completely automate the rewards and benefits program in your organization using the Xoxoday Plum - Zoho People integration.

ProTip 4: Reward and recognize from anywhere

With the internet, mobile devices, smart workspaces, and more, employees now expect everything to be accessible through a variety of mediums. The Xoxoday Plum integration with Zoho People makes rewarding simple and accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, anywhere across the globe. Managers can assign rewards and give recognition from any location while employees can access their incentive statuses, check balance information, and redeem points where and when they want and from the device of their choice.

ProTip 5: Make work fun for your employees‍

Stringent work cultures that focus only on clocking a fixed number of hours, always doing exactly what you did yesterday without any variation, can be detrimental to the morale of the organization. It’s essential to create opportunities from time to time where employees can relax, interact with peers more casually, and have fun at work. Be it Pizza Fridays or team dinners, quarterly outings or annual vacations, the Xoxoday Plum integration with Zoho People can help you build a culture of fun at your workplace.

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