ProTips: 5 ways to create sales documents that win deals

This is a guest blog post by PandaDoc.

Imagine you’re a potential client who is evaluating a service offered by two competing companies.

Company A sends you a sales document that poorly and inaccurately displays your data, and it has no e-signature or online checkout option. You’ll need to send the proposal back for the rep to correct the company address and the spelling of your last name. Then, you’ll need to print it out to sign, write a check, and mail both.

Company B sends you a sales document that follows a more efficient format. The design is elegant and compliments the display of content, all of your company information is correct, you’re able to seal the deal electronically, and you can pay securely from your mobile device.

Which company would you choose?

Whether you're a sales rep with a team of talented designers or a solo entrepreneur, the ability to quickly create stunning sales documents that your clients can e-sign, seal, and send back is finally within reach. A professional sales document requires more than just great visuals, though. By integrating your CRM and sales document template software, you ensure that the important information populated within your document is a perfect match to what you have on file.

Here are 5 tips to help you create professional-looking sales documents that win deals.

ProTip 1: Win more deals by reducing document generation time and quickly delivering sales proposals and quotes to prospects.

Today's attention economy is making it harder than ever for salespeople to connect with their leads and prospects, and competition is fiercer. Therefore, your sales documents need to make an impression quickly to spark action. You run the risk of losing a hot prospect if your document creation process is too long. Speed it up with PandaDoc to create polished, branded documents in a snap with the help of stunning templates, embedded media, and custom branding to give every deal the opportunity to get noticed and close faster.

Benefit: Reduce the time it takes to create a sales document by 65% using Panda Doc's pre-built templates, content from marketing, and customer data from Zoho. Choose from a variety of sales document templates that PandaDoc offers for every field of work and stage in the sales cycle.

ProTip 2: Improve conversions with error-free, personalized sales quotes by integrating your document management software with CRM to auto-fill important details in a few clicks.

Benefit: Eliminate manual data entry errors by integrating Zoho CRM with PandaDoc. Automatically populate new documents with a deal, customer, product, price, and other details from standard or custom fields to create a personalized document in just a few clicks. Your deal or account contacts will be automatically added as signers, too. Save up to 12 hours per week on your sales document creation. Eliminate the time you spend toggling back and forth between your document and CRM. Build a streamlined sales process that removes any bottlenecks from document flows to help your reps close deals faster.

ProTip 3:Choose a document management software that provides dynamic dashboards and insightful document analytics to monitor the status of your deal from pitch to payment in real-time.

Benefit: PandaDoc shares the status of your document and automatically notifies you of the number of opens, views, and the time spent by your clients on each page. With PandaDoc for Zoho CRM, know which documents are pending approval, which have been opened, and which have already been signed. Send timely reminders to ensure a high close rate or identify bottlenecks to accelerate the sales cycle.

ProTip 4: Choose software that has built-in legally binding e-signature technology to allow your clients to finalize deals independently. 

Benefit: Help your clients seamlessly close their own deals without having to print, scan, or fax anything. PandaDoc comes with legally binding e-signature software that is ESIGN and UETA compliant. It provides professional-grade security by including an electronic certificate with every signed document and the option to password-protect PDFs. Your clients will be able to sign on any Wi-Fi enabled device from anywhere in the world.

ProTip 5: Streamline the quote-to-cash process by using one tool to create sales documents and collect payments. 

Benefit: Provide a professional, world-class buying experience for your customers by embedding payments into your sales templates. Allow them to pay in seconds without having to leave your sales document through a simple checkout experience they can trust.

With integrated e-signatures and payment, PandaDoc helps you create professional documents and a seamless sales process. Integrate your preferred payment gateway like Stripe ACH, PayPal, and Square. Make the process even easier by connecting Zapier and API integrations to your accounting software. This checkout system has top-notch security and is PCI DSS compliant.

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