Nurture leads on the go with this mobile app extension for Zoho CRM.

Charu runs a large IT solutions company. Her customers range from a national pharmaceutical giant to a local school. Charu is a big believer in having a "personal touch." Her team regularly meets prospects, makes phone calls, and even exchanges SMS messages with them.

Her problem? A lot of her time is spent checking to see if a prospect received a call. What's worse, most of the time she finds that the salesperson actually has contacted the prospect but hasn't updated their CRM. This means that she's now tied up her salesperson’s time unnecessarily. Charu is aware of business VoIP systems and how she can set up automatic call and SMS logging using cloud telephony providers. She also knows that this would cost her thousands of dollars every year for her team, in addition to her carrier bills. So her question is, “Why do I have to pay for a VoIP system when I already pay my carrier?”

 If you're like Charu, you can stop worrying. You don’t need to set up a separate phone system to be able to track client calls and SMS messages. This is exactly why we created Rolo CRM.

Rolo CRM is an Android app that automatically logs client calls and SMS messages on Zoho CRM. There's no need for a separate business VoIP system.

 Rolo CRM helps you in the following ways:

 Automatically log client calls and SMS messages

 Once you install the Rolo CRM app and sign-in to your Zoho account, it automatically starts tracking your calls and SMS messages. There's no special setup required.

 Reduce training costs

Rolo CRM looks and acts like the stock dialer & SMS app on Android phones. The familiar interface makes it easy for newcomers to hit the ground running without having to undergo extensive training on a new system.

Easy access to CRM

Rolo CRM has a user interface that's minimal and powerful. While the app looks like a simple dialer at first glance, you'll find that most CRM features are just a tap or swipe away.


While automatic call logging is great, you also need your salesperson’s call notes. What if this information is missing? With Rolo CRM, you can jump into a chat with your salesperson and gently nudge them into entering their notes.

"Just in time" access to CRM

You may track all your client interactions, but when your client calls you, the only information you have at your fingertips is a slightly enhanced caller ID. Often, it'll take a minute or two to recall relevant information before you can get down to business. That's why Rolo CRM gives you a complete client history during your calls. Just tap on the bubble that appears when you get the call.

Technology has brought many new ways to interact with customers. But, even today, nothing works better than a telephone call to build rapport with a client. Rolo CRM lets you continue to harness this powerful channel without breaking the bank.

 Interested? Visit the Zoho Marketplace to preview and install the Rolo CRM app today


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