Make presentations more vivid with extensions for Zoho Show

When putting together a presentation, people often find interesting and fulfilling content, but fall short when it comes to design. A successful presentation is one where your audience:

  • Pays attention
  • Understands the topic
  • Remembers it afterward
  • Applies the learned content later

Pictorial memory plays a huge role in the long-term storage of knowledge, which is where design comes in handy. Design saves you time, as it's often easier to find pictures than create engaging word play, and following a theme will automatically make research easier as you categorize topics. A consistent theme makes your presentation effective and engaging.

Zoho Show is a cloud-based presentation tool that lets you create, collaborate on, and present beautiful stories. Here are six extensions that you can use to make your Zoho Show presentations stand out.

Humaaans for Zoho Show

Explore a world of customizable illustrations of people! Choose from numerous styles, postures, and backgrounds, so you can create almost any sort of person and scene for your slides. Humanize your content and add a personal touch to your ideas.

Giphy for Zoho Show

Insert gifs and stickers directly into presentations without switching apps. You can also use them for your team conversations inside Show's smart chat. Liven up your ideas and deliver complex messages effortlessly.

Unsplash Images Extension for Zoho Show

Unsplash provides world-class, high-resolution images from photographers, artists, and creatives around the globe, to simplify your search for the perfect image and make your presentation truly stand out. Accessed these images directly from Zoho Show and use it for free.

YouTube for Zoho Show

Bring your presentations to life and engage your audience by incorporating YouTube videos directly into your slides. Easily find and include videos in your slides without having to leave the presentation editor. Embed YouTube videos and play them in your presentation.

Twemoji for Zoho Show

Substitute emoji for words and add emphasis on your slides without switching apps. You can visually communicate feelings that are sometimes difficult to convey with just words. Now there are no emotions too big or small to express in your presentations!

Feather Icons for Zoho Show

The Feather Icons add-on for Zoho Show allows you to communicate with vectors while making your content more interactive and interesting. Choose from more than 250 free icons, change their colors, and more.

Explore all Zoho Show extensions

Can’t find an extension you need? Drop them in the comments section below so we can work on integrating them with Zoho Show!


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