Listen and learn: Improving customer experience with feedback

Reviews and suggestions for your products or services are invaluable insights that you can use to better your offering. But when a customer leaves feedback, they expect a response from the company, so they know that their opinions are being heard and valued.

Integrating your help desk tool—Zoho Desk—with your customer feedback apps brings all the suggestions collected through various channels, including surveys, review websites, and more, into one interface. Not only that, support agents can respond immediately to feedback, right from Zoho Desk.

Here are a few feedback tools that Zoho Desk integrates with via extensions, so you can gather and respond to customer feedback in a snap.


View feedback given by customers and respond immediately from your help desk. You can also send surveys to your customers directly from their relevant support tickets, right after a call or a ticket closure, to collect feedback about your support experience.  Learn more


Map Typeform responses to different departments in Zoho Desk, to capture customer requests and complaints contextually.  Learn more

Zoho Survey

Create surveys and send them out to get insights and identify areas for improvement in your customer support. You can ask customers to rate you after every interaction or after the issue has been resolved and the ticket is closed.  Learn more


Create Zoho Desk tickets for reviews your customers leave on Trustpilot. Once the tickets are created, an agent can directly reply to the review from Zoho Desk, and the reply is added as a response to the respective Trustpilot review. Any subsequent replies from the reviewer are added to the same Zoho Desk ticket, so the agent never loses context.  Learn more

Google My Business

This extension fetches the latest reviews and questions from your Google My Business locations and creates a Zoho Desk ticket for them automatically. Support agents can then reply to the reviews and questions directly from Zoho Desk, and their responses are added as replies to the corresponding reviews and questions.  Learn more


AskNicely can be integrated with Zoho Desk, so you can trigger customer feedback requests after specific events or key points in your customer life cycle, and tickets get created when feedback is received.  Learn more

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