How to create a viral New Years campaign with interactive content

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New Year has always been one of the busiest times of the year. Even more so for marketers, as they dedicate themselves to their holiday marketing efforts. In fact, the week between Christmas and New Year is termed as “Cyber Week 2” by marketers.

Interactive Content is increasingly being termed as the future of marketing as it increases the conversion rate 2x more than passive content. Here are some of the best performing types of interactive media and the reasons why they work.

1. Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the top-performing lead magnets. In fact, 85% of customers say that promotional products and giveaways drive them to do business with a company. What’s more, it increases their chances of recommending the product to a friend. This kind of interactive content can do wonders for your conversion rate if done right. For instance, you can ensure that:

  • Your giveaway's prizes are directly related to your product and brand. This will ensure that you only gain the attention of your actual user base.
  • Apart from making sure your giveaway is suitable, ask for only the required amount of information.
  • Share your interactive giveaway extensively on social media and make it easily shareable to ensure word-of-mouth marketing.

Ace Hardware, a global chain of 5000+ hardware stores, created an Outgrow interactive giveaway to market their services during the New Year and Christmas holidays. This giveaway invited leads to create their hardware wishlist and share it on Facebook for extra points. The lucky winners were promised the product that they chose in exchange for their contact information. This giveaway helped them gain 1727 leads with a conversion rate of almost 30%.


2. Outcome Quizzes

It is hard to miss all the personality quizzes that are shared on social media on a daily basis. Outcome quizzes are just like that- only they can help you gain a far higher amount of customer engagement. An outcome quiz allows the user to get personalized tailored results according to their responses to the content piece. Intrepid Travel is a travel agency that decided to create a quiz that recommends travel destinations to their leads. They also recommended their own travel packages as results. As a result, they ended up gaining 25,356 visits and an impressive amount of leads through their outcome quiz.

Outcome Quizzes

Some of the best practices they followed to get increased engagement and CTR are:

  • They included social share buttons on their outcome page so leads could easily share their results, and in doing so spread the word about the brand.
  • They created actionable CTA with phrases like "inspire me" to encourage people to sign up for their newsletters.
  • They included images and GIFs to increase engagement. In fact, marketers agree that most users prefer to receive information in images rather than text. Hence, including images in your content piece ensures maximum message retention.

3. Assessments

Assessments are quizzes where you can grade the leads on their knowledge about any particular topic. 54% of marketers prefer to use assessments for lead generation and customer education, making it the most common type of interactive content piece. Assessments can also boost up your new year’s marketing campaign due to increased customer engagement.

Have a look at how CNBC created an assessment quiz to market their brand. They invited potential leads to test how ready they are to set their financial goals for 2020.


These are some of the best practices they adhered to while publishing this piece of content:

  • They embedded it in a blog in addition to sharing it on their social media to ensure maximum customer attention.
  • They used second-person pronouns to increase the level of personalization.
  • They included additional financial tips to encourage users to make a well-informed decision.

4. Calculators

51% of marketers agree that calculators are the most effective content in the consideration stage of the sales cycle. Hence, many marketers use interactive calculators to inform and nurture their leads.

Perficient Digital is a digital agency based in North America that aimed to ace their new year’s marketing efforts. They created a calculator that checks the digital readiness of a prospect’s company for the coming year. The calculator inquires about the state of the prospects’ content roadmap and competitor research strategy. This calculator performed well for them, as it was easy to use and offered real value to their users. Here are some of the best practices they followed to gain maximum conversions.

  • Perficient Digital specifically wanted to target eCommerce businesses, so they created customized questions to tap into that user base.
  • They offered complimentary digital marketing holiday readiness consultation to further engage the users.
  • They kept their lead form questions short and succinct with just 3 questions.



You can also set loose your creativity and experiment with these interactive templates to come up with something new. For instance, you could create a chatbot on your website that conversationally greets people, and walks them through your Christmas or NewYears’ offers. Or an eCommerce recommendation that suggests purchases based on people’s New Years resolutions. If done right, interactive content can boost your new year’s marketing strategy. It is personalized and engaging, and provides real value to your customers.

Do you want more ideas on how we can use interactive content to ace holiday marketing? Let us know your thoughts!

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