Elevating sales performance with Zoho SalesIQ and Salesforce CRM

With a CRM platform, monitoring and nurturing prospects through sales funnels becomes a simple process for sales teams and helps them achieve higher conversion rates more efficiently. It also helps onboarding teams, account managers, and customer support teams follow up with customers, track their journey with the business, and strive to provide a uniform customer experience throughout.

But sales isn’t an independent department or function in a business. Even though your sales team will have a higher chance of converting prospects, it’s vital to have features that cover the front and back end of the funnel: marketing and support operations.

To make it a complete tool for your business, you need marketing and support features such as visitor identification, live chat, chatbot, and analytics. Integrating such a tool would expand the operational abilities of your CRM and make it an all-around platform for providing the best customer experience.

What is Zoho SalesIQ? 

At its core—a live chat tool for support teams—SalesIQ's extensive functionalities equip marketing teams with features such as:

  • Live visitor identification 

  • Lead scoring

  • Proactive triggers 

  • Integration with IM channels

  • AI and codeless bots

  • Automation

SalesIQ touches every point of interaction between businesses and their customers, and it can help move visitors from the top of the funnel to the post-purchase stage.

Because SalesIQ has a presence over the prospects' entire journey—even after they've become customers—it augments the value of Salesforce CRM.

With a native integration available from SalesIQ to your Salesforce CRM, any shortcomings your business has can be eliminated. It gives you an edge with complete control over your funnel for better lead generation, nurturing, and conversion.

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The benefits of integrating SalesIQ with Salesforce CRM 

Marketing and customer support are outside the purview of Salesforce CRM. Here's what the SalesIQ–Salesforce CRM integration can do:

Prospect identification and lead generation 

With SalesIQ, businesses can learn their visitors' information, such as their names, locations, actions, time spent on the site, visited pages, and more. You can separate prospects from visitors by analyzing their engagement with your content.

With Lead Scoring, you can rank prospects into hot, warm, and cold leads and push their information along with the data collected to Salesforce CRM to help sales teams convert leads faster.

Retarget warm and returning leads 

As the identified leads are pushed to Salesforce CRM, the SalesIQ integration can be configured to notify you when those leads come back to your website. With Proactive Triggers, you can target those returning visitors with offers to keep them interested.

Automation and personalization 

You don't have to manually identify prospects and generate leads. SalesIQ has built-in automation options for setting up,and also has a variety of bots—e.g., coded, codeless—and AI to create automation and personalization rules to implement them on scale.

Unified integration 

With the native integration provided, SalesIQ and Salesforce communicate smoothly with each other and act as a unified platform. With widgets, support agents talking to prospects can push them into Salesforce CRM as leads or contacts from the chat window. Likewise, when a customer interacts with your support, agents can see the customer's information and their past interaction from the widget. 

Email signature chat for better and instant communication 

Email signature chats are like an email ID you can use to chat personally with anyone. While sales teams follow up with the prospects, sharing email signatures helps them talk to the salesperson instantly instead of conversing over normal email.

Integrating SalesIQ with Salesforce CRM gives you a 360-degree picture of your prospects' and customers' journey. It ensures a constant flow of leads to Salesforce CRM, providing the converted customers with a uniform customer experience. 

Check out our integration page if you'd like to learn more about what SalesIQ can do for Salesforce CRM users.

If you’re not a user of Zoho SalesIQ, sign up for SalesIQ today and learn its limitless potential. 

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