Easily secure business data stored on MySQL 

This is a guest post by CRMOZ.

Any growing business generates a lot of customer and business data. This data is a valuable asset, but it's also vulnerable. A business needs to put a number of measures in place to ensure that the database storing this data can't be tampered with. While doing that, the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

  • You can lose sensitive data due to a technical issue or a human mistake

  • You may end up overpaying to support an IT department

  • In order to make informed decisions, your organization needs Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Zoho CRM gives you an opportunity to manage all these concerns.

  • You could schedule automatic database backups twice in a month

  • It doesn't require IT specialists

  • You can seamlessly connect the Zoho CRM database to a user-friendly BI system, Zoho Analytics, that automatically fetches data from Zoho CRM as often as you set it to

However, you can expand the power of Zoho CRM and do more with the MySQL Easy Sync extension for Zoho CRM. This extension:

1. Automatically creates a data structure to hold data from Zoho CRM in the MySQL database you specify

2. Schedules data transfer to the database as often as once an hour

3. Saves Zoho CRM API requests by inserting and updating only changed rows

4. Saves API requests by organizing data transfer by packages—up to 100 records in one request

The MySQL Easy Sync Extension for Zoho CRM can be easily installed from Zoho Marketplace. Once you install the extension, the synchronization of data happens between Zoho CRM and your MySQL database and a copy of Zoho CRM data is created in the MySQL instance you assign.

Try the MySQL Easy Sync extension for Zoho CRM to keep your data updated and secure.

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