Conduct Successful Virtual Meetings and Boost Sales

5 reasons why you should integrate RingCentral Video  and Zoho CRM

Business meetings are an essential part of every industry. Your client will be keen to know the details of the proposal, what's in it for them, and how well can they trust you. While the impact of in-person meetings can never be matched with online meetings, online meetings certainly have their own perks, to list a few:

  • Eliminate travel time and costs

  • Weather is no longer a deciding factor

  • Save the expense of reserving a venue, since you can accommodate any number of attendees from wherever you work

  • Record sessions to fill in those who couldn't join

  • Post-meeting work made simpler, thanks to advanced online collaboration tools

Here's your guide to hosting successful virtual meetings using RingCentral Video and Zoho CRM.

1) Planning and Preparation

The first step is to find the right date and time to ensure maximum participation. Send emails or get on-call confirmations before scheduling the meeting. While you are at it, find out as much as you can about your client's needs and requirements. This will be easy, since Zoho CRM will fetch you a 360-degree view of your client details including all the conversations you have had with them in the past.

2) Scheduling and Sending Invites 

As basic as it seems, the tone of the meeting could be set right from the point of sending meeting invites. Other than the vital details such as date and time, you can make a great first impression by adding a general overview of what you’ll be discussing on the call. You might also want to include things that you are looking for from the client during the session, like questions or feedback, allowing them to come prepared as well. It's normally good practice to keep the invitees list transparent so everyone knows what to expect.

Once your RingCentral Video is integrated with Zoho CRM, you can send invites with a detailed agenda to multiple participants in a single click. Instead of having to schedule a meeting in Zoho CRM, and then repeating the task in RingCentral Video’s interface, you can do both at once. Similarly, if a meeting is rescheduled, you won’t have to edit the meeting in both Zoho CRM and RingCentral Video’s interface. Say goodbye to tedious toggling between applications, and boost sales productivity.

3) Reminders  

Send reminders or alerts essentially a day before the meeting and then again 15 mins before the event to ensure each attendee is aware and well prepared, so last-minute chaos can be avoided. While the reminders will be sent to your client, include yourself as well, allowing you sufficient time to test your audio, video, and internet connectivity. You don't want to break the flow and disrupt the chain of thoughts once you are in the meeting.

Integrating RingCentral Video with Zoho CRM helps you start meetings in one click, right from Zoho CRM. Smart reminders not only remind you of the meeting, but also let you launch meetings right away with a start option within a reminder.

4) During the Session  

Follow conference call etiquette, and use advanced options such as mute, screensharing, and chat messaging within RingCentral Video for a better meeting experience. Make sure to avoid excessive background noise and use the mute option when you aren't talking. Use the screen-sharing options for better clarity and maintaining context. Enjoy built-in chat feature if you don't want to interrupt by making notes and pointers that can be discussed later. Encourage active listening by keeping the meeting a two-way conversation. At the end of the meeting, review any questions or subjects that were important to the client. Thank the client for their time and let them know they are free to contact you with any follow-up questions or concerns they may have.

5) After the  Meeting  

Track post-meeting analytics by using attendance data and other important metrics to speed sales follow-ups. Send follow-ups including answers to questions you were unable to provide during the call. Add the next course of action and steps discussed in the meeting. This is to make sure everyone is on the same page moving forward. While you're at it, also send a reminder of things you need from the client's end.

With RingCentral Video’s integration with Zoho CRM, salespeople can also look up recordings of past meetings for reference or email the recordings to a non-attendee right from Zoho CRM. If a salesperson missed a meeting or wants to look up a past meeting for reference, they can find the recording of the meeting attached to the relevant record in Zoho CRM. Even if a customer misses a meeting, a salesperson can ensure that they stay updated by sending them an email from Zoho CRM with a link to the meeting recording.

To summarize, take a little extra time and be prepared to impress the client for a trusted long-lasting relationship. Win your client with the right tools and an optimized action plan.

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