App Spotlight: Salesgear for Zoho CRM

Salesgear is a powerful sales prospecting and multi-channel engagement platform that helps sales teams simplify their outbound sales processes.

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Business needs 

  • Reaching buyers on their most active channel is critical for sales. Remember that not everyone on your prospecting list is listening at the same frequency.

  • Juggling between various tools to gather, update, and maintain all of your prospects’ engagement information can take time and effort, leading to a decrease in productivity.

  • Personalizing your communication with your prospects is key to building relationships and pipeline generation. But with a high volume of prospects coming in each day, personalizing at scale is a bigger challenge. 

  • Sales teams can feel weighed down by repetitive and time-consuming tasks that are necessary for managing prospects and closing deals. With a high volume of prospects to manage, it can be challenging to keep track of everything and ensure timely follow-up. 

  • Manually tracking and prioritizing follow-up activities can be time-consuming and will lead to missed opportunities, lost deals, and decreased productivity.


  • With Salesgear email and task automation for Zoho CRM, you can streamline your outbound sales processes by automating email and other task workflows in Zoho CRM, eliminating redundant manual activities and saving time.

  • Integrating Salesgear with Zoho CRM allows you to experience seamless synchronization of contacts, create automated workflows using triggers, and enjoy many more workarounds that can scale with your business needs.

  • We aim to make Zoho CRM the central hub of your outbound sales strategy, ensuring that all essential information is available whenever required.
    You can automatically import Zoho leads into Salesgear and run highly personalized and relevant sequences.

  • Salesgear automatically saves copies of the emails you send and receive back to Zoho CRM, eliminating manual work and data entry.

  • You can effortlessly track email engagement with real-time updates on opens, clicks, and replies in Zoho CRM, so you can stay ahead of the game and prioritize your most promising leads.


Here’s how Salesgear for Zoho CRM can help you save time and ramp up your productivity.

  • Automate your outbound process: By automating routine tasks such as email campaigns and data entry, you can focus your manual efforts on the most sales-ready leads and achieve higher conversion rates.

  • Improve sales outreach: Gain insights on which email campaigns perform best and prioritize leads that are more likely to engage with your sales team. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of your outreach efforts and generate more revenue.

  • Save time and boost productivity: Eliminate the need to switch between tabs or tools to perform your daily tasks, allowing you to use your time more effectively and increase productivity.

  • Accelerate your sales pipeline: By automating your email outreach and prioritizing the most promising opportunities, Salesgear for Zoho CRM empowers your sales reps to fill their pipeline with qualified leads and achieve their targets with ease.

Try Salesgear for Zoho CRM

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