App Spotlight: Findly for Zoho CRM

Findly is a comprehensive prospecting tool that integrates with Zoho CRM to allow users to search through a vast database of more than 265 million contacts and 70 million companies. The tool offers a map search feature for identifying local businesses, and it provides the capability to export prospects back into Zoho CRM.

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Business needs 

Acquiring new leads and prospects is essential for growth. However, finding these prospects—especially the ones that match a specific criteria or are located within a certain geographic area—can be a significant challenge. A company's inability to efficiently prospect can result in missed opportunities, wasted resources, and slower business growth. The key challenge here is how to find, filter, and export relevant prospect data into their CRM systems—especially Zoho CRM.


Findly is designed to tackle the challenges faced in the arena of prospecting. The solution integrates directly with Zoho CRM, allowing businesses to:

  1. Discover local businesses: Use the Map Search feature to pinpoint local enterprises, leveraging enriched data and AI insights.

  1. Diverse company searches: Access a database of more than 70 million companies, and employ the Company Search feature to discover new companies based on various filters, including location, revenue, number of employees, industry, and more.

  1. Tailored contact searches: Identify potential leads from a vast database of 265 million contacts. Customize your search using filters such as location, title, industry, and keywords.

  1. Unlock local prospects: Find local opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.

  1. Tailored searches: Benefit from AI insights and multiple filters for precise prospect matching to streamline the search process.

  2. Time efficiency: Direct integration with Zoho CRM eliminates manual data entry, allowing businesses to focus more on engaging with prospects and less on searching.

Get the extension here


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