App Spotlight: Barcode / QR Code Generator for Zoho CRM

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Barcode / QR Code Generator for Zoho CRM

Easily create custom barcodes and QR codes directly from Zoho CRM. Use data from the Products module of Zoho CRM as input for automatic code generation and save or print the output. 

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Business Needs

If you handle inventory, you know using separate tools for Zoho CRM and barcode / QR code generation is a hassle. It's slow, requires switching windows, changing settings all the time and mistakes can happen when you're copying data back and forth. For generating barcodes, you might also need another specific and separate tool to validate GTIN codes. Furthermore, you might worry about how secure your data is when using these third-party tools.


Barcode / QR Generator for Zoho CRM allows free text as well as product data, which can be obtained from Zoho CRM with just a click, as input. Barcodes and QR codes are automatically updated when changes are made in the input data,without requiring you to refresh manually.  

In barcode mode, the extension automatically validates the following GTIN formats: GTIN-8, GTIN- 12, GTIN-13, andGTIN-14. The generated image for the code can be saved as PNG or SVG, and can also be printed. Settings can also be saved for reuse every time a new code is generated, saving you time and increasing your productivity. The data used and obtained here is secured and not shared with any third parties.


  • You can get work done faster in one place; no need to juggle between different apps. 

  • Add product information easily with just a click or by typing it in. Save your customized settings used for barcode and QR code generation once, then use them again next time. This helps to generate new codes quickly.

  • No need to validate GTIN codes separately, as the extension does this for you.  

  • Keep your data secure by storing it in Zoho CRM.

  • Save your codes in high-quality formats like PNG or SVG and easily print them.

Try Barcode / QR Code Generator for Zoho CRM


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