Announcing 500+ useful extensions for Zoho CRM

We're thrilled to announce that Zoho Marketplace now offers 500+ Zoho CRM plug-and-play extensions. These no-code, ready-to-use extensions don't just integrate other apps with Zoho CRM, but also add functionalities to help salespeople improve performance effortlessly. Zoho CRM users can find integrations across 10+ categories, including sales, marketing, finance, customer service, collaboration, and telephony. Power up your lead generation, make calls, start online meetings, pull reports, create proposals, issue invoices, and more—right from Zoho CRM.

In addition to CRM, salespeople use numerous other tools at different stages of the sales process. This translates to app-hopping, data silos across disparate systems, more distraction, and less productivity. Using extensions, salespeople can instantly connect the tools they use with CRM to break data silos, eliminate app-hopping, and have more time to focus on selling. The announcement will help you understand how Zoho CRM has your back at each stage of your sales journey, from calling to closing.

Let's imagine a scenario: Wendy is a sales manager who wants to run a survey to generate leads and win more customers. Here's how she can use extensions along with Zoho CRM to work smarter:

  • Using survey extensions (such as SurveyMonkey) Wendy can automatically map survey responses to CRM records, saving time, and eliminating manual data entry.
  • Next, she needs to research the leads and clean the data wherever needed. Some salespeople may find this time-consuming, but not Wendy. She'll use data enrichment extensions (such as ClearBit) to fetch her useful lead data automatically and save her hours of work. She also uses a data cleaning tool (Phone Checker) to cleanse and format the data automatically, secretly feeling sorry for her peers drowning in duplicate entries, incorrect phone numbers, inconsistent formatting, and dirty data.
  • Now that the data is reliable, she can improve lead scoring and segmentation to prioritize leads, personalize sales pitches, and connect with prospects at the first touch.
  • Next, she needs to distribute the leads. Wendy automates that too! Using a lead assignment extension (Advanced Round Robin) she assigns leads to the right members of her sales team, automatically.
  • Next, using telephony extensions (PhoneBurner), the sales reps start conversations with high value leads directly from CRM with just a click, thanks to the click-to-dial feature in the telephony extension. While the CRM data helps them personalize their sales pitch, the advanced call control functionalities such as auto call logging and autodialer help Wendy and her reps further improve sales productivity and close rates.

From lead generation to the first touch—Wendy can automate the entire process, saving herself time and improving sales performance without breaking a sweat!

Sell better, faster powered by 500+ useful extensions for each stage of your sales process.

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