9 pointers to make pop-ups an effective lead generation tool

This is a guest post by Abbey Claire Dela Cruz, Marketing Manager at Poptin.

Pop-ups vary in size and style. While creating them is incredibly easy, how you execute them makes all the difference. If done right, pop-ups can help you achieve great results with your lead generation strategies. They can engage with your target audience and usher them to your funnel until they’re ready to give you their email addresses.

Here are some of the most effective hacks to help you make pop-ups an effective lead generation tool.

1. Personalize your message

Want a surefire way to grab the attention of your visitors? Try personalizing your pop-ups. There are many different advanced targeting options that enable you to show a specific pop-up message to a certain audience, like for first-time visitors, or people from a specific country, traffic source, web page, and more.

2. Offer a lead magnet they can’t say no to

The value of your offer can make or break the effectiveness of your conversion funnel. Most successful businesses rely on lead magnets in exchange for visitors’ contact information. And most premium content that acts as a lead magnet on pop-ups is downloadable ebooks, free shipping, webinar slots, discounts, and coupon codes, among many other enticing offerings that can encourage sign-ups.

3. Make it easy for visitors to exit your pop-up

Without a clear exit method, your bounce rate will continue to spike, and next thing you know, you’re losing potential subscribers left and right.

4. Reduce friction and distractions

When creating your own pop-up, design it in a way that visitors can simply input their contact information with ease. If you include a lot of unnecessary fields, you can end up losing them along the way.

If you think every element of your design is important, run an A/B test to see how you can best optimize it for better performance and results.

5. Timing and location make all the difference

Pop-ups, if implemented correctly, can drive the best user browsing experience. However, if you do it wrong, expect to have a low conversion rate.

To overcome this, study your audience's behavior and come up with a list of triggers to help you execute your pop-ups at the right time. Side by side with timing is the location. There are messages that you can just put on slide-ins, and then there are those that are most effective on a full-screen overlay.

6. Invest in visual elements