7 reasons to integrate cloud telephony with Zoho CRM

This is a guest post by TeleCMI.

Cloud telephony systems are packed with advanced call center features like VoIP calls, SMS, call tracking, virtual numbers, click2call, IVR, auto-call logging, and so much more. When integrated, all these features make the job easier for sales and support teams working on the CRM, including enormous growth in lead conversions, client follow up, and customer experience.

However, many businesses have yet to adopt cloud phone systems, which hinders their sales and customer care representatives from achieving their full potential. Cloud telephony offers a multitude of benefits, including reducing customer service costs, maximizing agent productivity, and unifying customer communication data.

Here are seven key benefits of integrating cloud telephony systems such as TeleCMI with Zoho CRM.

1. Make and receive calls without leaving the CRM platform

Integrating cloud telephony enables users to make and receive calls directly from the Zoho CRM platform. This feature allows sales teams to call contacts in the CRM with the click-to-call feature and VoIP technology, resulting in immediate calls and closures of high-value leads without leaving the CRM or switching tabs. Additionally, international calls can be made without worrying about high call charges. A high-quality calling experience can be maintained from a single platform.

2. Discover caller data before picking up the call

By integrating cloud telephony with your CRM, users can access caller information from an incoming call pop-up screen displaying customer data. This feature is useful for support representatives who aim to deliver personalized customer service. Agents can access caller information such as name, status, and history before attending the call.

3. Understand your customers' sentiments

Cloud telephony automatically records phone conversations and stores them in an audio format for future reference. This feature tracks customer conversations and identifies their behaviors, interests, and pain points. The collected data can be used to develop better lead-closing strategies and help support teams deliver quality customer service that improves customer satisfaction.

4. Virtual phone numbers for any country

Cloud telephony allows you to register virtual business, toll-free, and local numbers for different countries. When connected with CRM, you can route all calls from these numbers to agents working from the CRM with the help of IVR and automatic call distribution features. This feature allows you to serve and communicate with global customers.

5. Allow your team to work remotely

Integrating systems like TeleCMI with Zoho CRM allows sales, support, and recruiting teams to work from anywhere, facilitating business continuity during situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. The integration also enables customer care teams to offer faster service and handle sudden surges of queries productively.

6. Minimize customer communication costs

Unlike PBX phone systems, cloud telephony infrastructure is hosted by your service provider and uses VoIP (an internet connection) to make and receive calls from anywhere, eliminating the need to install expensive on-premise telephone systems. When implemented with your CRM, you can manage IVR, support, sales, and all other business calls right from the CRM, unifying customer data and conversations and saving more on communication costs.

7. Monitor your team activities and performance

Cloud telephony comes with a centralized admin dashboard that allows team managers to monitor the call activities of each agent working on the CRM. Managers can view reports such as the number of incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, average call duration, agent status (online/offline), and other agent performance metrics, including real-time metrics like calls in queue, ongoing calls, recent call history, and more.

Integrating TeleCMI with Zoho CRM can improve customer service, reduce communication costs, enhance productivity, and enable remote work. With features such as click-to-call, call tracking, IVR, and call recording, cloud telephony offers seamless communication that can lead to better customer experiences and increased revenue.

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