ProTips: 5 ways to ensure that you get paid on time

This is a guest post by Crezco.

Maintaining a steady cash flow is essential for business success. Late or delayed payments can disrupt operations, hinder growth, and cause unnecessary stress. To mitigate these challenges, it's crucial to implement strategies that encourage customers and clients to pay on time and speed up the payment process wherever possible. Here are five tips to ensure you get paid efficiently and on time.

ProTip 1: Clear and detailed invoicing

The foundation of timely payments lies in clear and detailed invoicing. Well-structured and comprehensive invoices that include all key information, such as the invoice number, due date, payment instructions, and a breakdown of products or services provided, make things easy for clients. The more you reduce the likelihood of confusion, the more you increase the chance of receiving client payments promptly.

ProTip 2: Set clear payment terms from the start

Before you start a project or a sale, it's important to communicate your payment terms to clients clearly. This helps establish trust and will mean clients are more likely to honor their obligations. Key information includes the due date, accepted payment methods, and any overdue payment penalties. Always ask for a written agreement from clients via contract, email, or directly on the invoice. This helps to avoid misunderstandings or potential disagreements.  

ProTip 3: Implement late payment reminders

Implementing overdue payment reminders can be an effective way to gently nudge clients before payment due dates are reached. Lots of people have busy schedules or sometimes simply forget they have something to pay for! Another nudge when payments are overdue can ensure forgetful clients pay their invoices ASAP. These reminders can be sent via email, text messages, or even through your invoicing software. A polite reminder can go a long way and prompt clients to take immediate action to ensure they submit their payments. 

ProTip 4: Offer early payment incentives

Offering your clients incentives can be a great method to encourage early payments. Discounts or small rewards for early payments can motivate clients to prioritize your invoice over others and settle their obligations promptly. This strategy helps ensure you maintain a consistent cashflow and fosters goodwill with your clients. 

ProTip 5: Offer convenient payment options

The easier your payment method, the greater the chance you will be paid. Offering a variety of convenient payment options is one way to keep things straightforward for your clients. Common payment methods include credit card payments, electronic funds transfers (EFT), PayPal, or mobile payment apps. Giving your clients more freedom and autonomy around how they pay you means they can choose the method that best suits their preferences and schedule.

Another efficient, secure, and convenient choice to give clients is account-to-account payments provided by Crezco. The tool allows you to collect payments from businesses without the need for manual data entry. Once you connect your bank account* to Crezco, you'll be able to create payment links manually or add a “pay now” button to your invoices.

Crezco also seamlessly integrates with Zoho Books, so you can send your invoices with an attached payment link that has all the payment information embedded, meaning no risk of error. Your customers can pay online directly from their banks within Zoho Books, so no confidential card details are shared.

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Note: Crezco works well with 500+ UK and EU banks*


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