5 ways location data benefits your business

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Data entry really isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of things to care about—until it goes wrong. Then it very quickly rises up the list.

 Dispatch managers sending goods to the incorrect address, salespeople arriving late for meetings, marketing campaigns targeted in the wrong location—all those people suddenly develop a detailed interest in the accuracy of address data when it affects them.

The Global Address Finder for Zoho CRM can remove those problems by providing accurate, detailed street address information for countries around the world. Here are 5 ways your company can benefit from using the Global Address Finder integration for Zoho CRM.

#1 Goods get delivered to the correct customer address

Companies are eviscerated online if an order doesn’t turn up on a customer’s doorstep. There’s no room for error. The Global Address Finder extension gives you the correct street address data to make sure this doesn’t happen. Simply start typing any part of the address, and the app will match your address fragment to those in other countries around the world. Pick the one you want, and the app brings all the correct data into your Zoho CRM. 

#2 Your salespeople get to their meetings—and on time too

When you work in sales, you put a tremendous amount of time and effort into prospecting clients. You phone, email, tweet, and do whatever you need to get a meeting with them. Eventually, you break through and they agree to meet you face-to-face. On the day of the meeting, you plan your route, work out the time it will take to get to their offices and begin your journey. It should have been a great meeting, but you’ll never know because you didn’t get there. Your CRM had the correct company name but the wrong city. If only your company used the Global Address Finder for Zoho CRM. The address details would have been accurate, and you’d have had a much better day.

#3 You get the most from your Google Adwords campaign

When your marketing team runs an Adwords campaign, location targeting is a critical part of the process. Google’s Location Targeting facility allows adverts to be positioned towards a country, region, city, town, or radius around a zip or postcode or street address. If that data is wrong in your CRM, it could result in your company targeting prospects in the wrong geographies, and it will be a total waste of money, time, and effort.

#4 Your SEO is more effective

There are many strands involved in SEO, and the effectiveness of an overall SEO strategy is dependent on each strand working correctly. One such strand is called location-based SEO or geo-targeting. The main effect of this is when someone searches for a business, Google knows that person’s location and matches the search results accordingly to show them the closest physical locations. Clearly, address accuracy is vital for geo-targeting to work correctly.

#5 Your data is an asset

The data in your CRM is an asset of your business. It won’t show up on a balance sheet because there is no intrinsic value. However, if you ever look to sell your business, the data held in your CRM becomes extremely valuable. A potential buyer of your business wants your brand and your customer data. If that data is inaccurate or incomplete, it’s worthless to a buyer. Using the Global Address Finder extension to validate your data is an essential exercise for every company to undertake.

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