3 ways to use text messaging in your business

This is a guest post by Textellent.

Text messaging is a personalized and immediate way to reach customers and improve your conversion rate. This post explores three ways to use business texting to connect with customers and drive sales.

1. Nurture leads 

Once you have a list of subscribers, send targeted and relevant messages to nurture them into customers. Do this automatically at a cadence you select, or text leads one-on-one directly from within your CRM.

Here are a few tips on how you can craft effective SMS campaigns.

  • Keep your messages short and clear.
  • Use personalization to tailor your messages to each lead and include a clear call-to-action to encourage them to take the next step.
  • Segment your leads and send targeted messages based on their interests and behaviors to increase engagement and encourage action.
2. Streamline appointment scheduling 

Businesses can automate appointment bookings and reminders, reduce no-shows, and improve customer satisfaction. Automated text messages can provide customers with relevant details such as available times and locations.

3. Improve customer support 

Businesses can use texting effectively to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Provide easy and convenient access to support: Text messaging offers customers a quick and straightforward way to ask for help or information. Promote your text support number so customers know about your texting channel. This conversation history is easily accessible from within Zoho CRM for future reference.
  • Use canned responses to common inquiries: These messages can provide customers with necessary information while reducing the workload of customer support staff. These text campaigns can also be triggered from Zoho CRM Workflow Rules to update customers on the status of their orders or deliveries and can be sent directly to customers from within Zoho CRM.
Leverage the Textellent and Zoho CRM integration 

Easily text a phone number from Zoho CRM with this integration. By simply clicking on the "Send Text" button on the lead or contact details screen, you can immediately send a new text message and also view previous texting conversations. These texts are automatically sent and received via your text-enabled business number.

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