3 lead generation strategies for every business

3 lead generation strategies for every business

This is a guest post by Smith.ai.

To continue growing, businesses are constantly looking for ways to generate more leads at an affordable cost. While advertising can be a way to get more business, it can also be expensive. That's why we put together this list of three effective ways to generate leads without spending too much!

1. Free trials

Free trials can lead to a high conversion rate with a low acquisition cost. And in the case of a technology-based business, a free trial is particularly well-suited, due to its highly digital nature.  If a customer signs up for a free trial, it can help them identify whether the product or service meets their needs. This allows businesses to provide a hands-on experience to users and gain their trust, which can potentially lead to better conversions. 

One important factor to be mindful of while offering a free trial is the duration of the trial. If the trial is too short, customers will find it insufficient or inconvenient. If the trial period is too long, the user might not feel the need to buy the product. It's important to set the right trial period, which is going to primarily depend on the type of product or service. 

2. Landing pages

A landing page is a highly focused and standalone webpage that's intended to present its viewers with a specific call to action. If there's a special offer for a specific audience, there should be a link that directs them to a landing page. A landing page could also be set up for a free trial form or a form to gather information from leads. 

It's important that the landing page is simple and precise, with the sole and clear purpose of presenting an offer or information. The landing page must also be user-friendly—with a relevant design and content—and should be mobile optimized. A well-defined landing page with easy accessibility, via computer as well as mobile, can often make a positive impression on viewers. 

If a landing page is created to gather information through a form, consider what information you're asking for. Along with the name and contact information, you can ask how the lead found the business. For a B2B business, knowing the company and designation of the lead accessing the landing page is also essential. An important note to keep in mind while drafting the form is not to ask too many irrelevant questions. This can result in a lead deciding not to fill out the form at all!

3. Referral programs

Referral programs are a cost-effective option to generate new leads. This mode of lead generation is more impactful, as it involves the lead's trust in the referrer. If a lead is converted to a customer upon learning about the product or service from someone they know, they're more likely to be long-term users. 

Through a referral program, even existing customers are happy, as they get rewarded for their referrals. Thus, referral programs are a way to encourage happy customers to share the business with others. Some programs even offer rewards to those referred, to create more traction. 

An ideal referral program should be simple for customers to use and understand. The more complex the program is, the fewer referrals the business will generate. A unique promo code or link can be provided to the customer, which can be shared and used to track referral sources easily. The program can also be gamified, by adding tiers or bonus payouts for achieving a certain number of referrals. This brings in a sense of excitement and can keep customers more engaged. 

Incorporating these lead generation strategies will help you gain more leads, which results in gaining more customers and growing your business. And once a new lead is generated, their contact information and activity history can be readily accessed in your CRM with the Smith.ai 24/7 Virtual Receptionist for Zoho CRM. This integration lets you make and receive calls from your leads and contacts, right from Zoho CRM. 

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