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We are delighted to announce the launch of Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0. The product empowers marketers like you to plan, execute, and measure your marketing efforts from one place.

What is Zoho Marketing Automation? 

Zoho Marketing Automation is a software designed to streamline your marketing activities. It brings together a range of powerful tools and features to help you effectively engage with your audience, unify your brand's marketing activities, break down barriers between marketing channels, and drive business growth. From creating marketing plans to measuring ROI, our automation tools and engagement features are here to help your brand flourish.

So, what can you expect from Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0? Let's dive into the exciting new features.

What's new

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Enhanced user experience

We have completely revamped the user interface to make it more intuitive. You can now easily set up campaigns, connect your website or store, and build landing pages without help from your IT team.

Drag-and-drop landing page builder

Say goodbye to standalone landing page builder software! We are introducing a landing page feature built within Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0. With the easy-to-use visual editor, you can design and publish beautiful landing pages that capture leads effortlessly.

Advanced contact management 

The Contacts module (previously known as Leads) now offers a detailed dashboard with the lead stage, lead source, and lead country. You can visualize and manage your leads' journey with our revamped Kanban view. Drag and drop leads to the next stage, and enjoy a holistic view of the entities associated with each lead, such as product, topics, planner, journey, and segments.

Comprehensive lead engagement 

Zoho Marketing Automation provides an end-to-end contact management engine, allowing you to generate interest, nurture leads, and qualify them for sales. With advanced segments, triggers, and lead scoring rules, you can guide your audience through the marketing funnel, from awareness to conversion. Gain a 360-degree view of lead engagement with insights on events, webinars, email campaigns, pop-ups, forms, SMS campaigns, landing pages, and social campaigns.

Centralized lead generation 

Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0 centralizes your lead generation efforts by capturing leads from various channels and consolidating the data for you. You can now take advantage of hyper-targeted campaigns using advanced contact segmentation features. The platform offers advanced pop-up forms and modern signup forms for streamlined lead generation. Seamlessly integrate and manage these forms within the landing page module.

Modern lead qualification 

Prioritize the right leads with advanced lead scoring, tags, and segments. Automate lead qualification using workflows, and utilize negative scoring, custom criteria, and advanced segments to analyze your marketing data effectively. Create tags and segments on an account level and leverage custom criteria for precise segmentation.

Journey orchestration 

Put your marketing on autopilot with our powerful journey orchestration capabilities. Visualize and design your leads' journey across the buying cycle using modern workflows. Automate communication, segment your audience based on behavior, nurture leads with personalized content, and qualify them based on their scores. With templates, advanced action triggers, and comprehensive journey reports, you can streamline your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Cross-channel engagement     

Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0 offers a range of marketing channels to engage with your audience. With simplified email campaign creation, you can easily choose the campaign type and start working. A/B testing has also been enhanced, allowing you to create different variations using subject lines, sender addresses, content, or a combination of all three. We have also simplified lead exclusion from campaigns, giving you more flexibility. The platform provides in-depth lead analytics, including email performance, bounce stats, and valuable lead insights.

Social media enhancements 

For social media marketers, we have introduced exciting add-ons to amplify your social media presence. Create engaging experiences for your audience across channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Publish posts, schedule content for optimal engagement, and monitor insights to shape your social media strategy.

Valuable insights through web analytics

Harness the power of PageSense's web analytics from within Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0 to deliver a rich, personalized web experience to your visitors. Track and optimize web pages seamlessly, monitor user acquisition based on attributes like source, medium, and channel, and understand visitor behavior based on entry, exit, and landing pages. Set goals and trigger journeys based on visitor interactions to deliver targeted emails or other content based on specific actions.

eCommerce management 

Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0 includes a robust ecommerce suite that enhances your retail experience. Connect your online store, engage with shoppers across channels, run promotions, track revenue, and bid farewell to abandoned carts. Integrate with Zoho Commerce and Shopify to sync and manage your stores effortlessly.

Marketing Planner 

Stay organized and measure your marketing efforts effectively with our modern planner. Collaborate with your team, build marketing plans with multiple goals, schedule campaigns or events, and track channel-wise ROI. The Kanban view allows for easy plan management and organization, enabling you to drag and drop campaigns across different phases.

Data interpretation with advanced analytics

ZMA 2.0 introduces a major revamp of dashboards and reporting capabilities. Measure your marketing performance, track lead insights, analyze website data, and monitor campaign performance with detailed reports. Enjoy enhanced funnel analysis, lead attribution reports, and revenue statistics for actionable insights.

Seamless integrations and Zoho CRM sync 

We understand the importance of seamless integration with your favorite tools, which is why Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0 integrates with Zoho CRM. Streamline collaboration between your marketing and sales teams by automatically pushing leads to Zoho CRM for further nurturing and conversion. Sync all records instantly within Zoho CRM for a comprehensive 360-degree view of your leads. Data from webinars, events, and other Zoho services can be easily analyzed for better lead understanding.

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When is this all available? 

We are excited to bring you Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0 right away. The new version has been designed to simplify and enhance your brand's marketing journey. Experience the power of automation, engagement, and seamless integration across channels. Join us on this exciting journey, and let's revolutionize your marketing together.

Watch this video to get an overview of Zoho Marketing Automation 2.0.

To schedule a detailed demo with our onboarding team, write to us at:

Happy Marketing! 


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