Zoho Tasks is now Zoho ToDo: Introducing exciting features and an all-new mobile app

We all know the two-minute rule by David Allen—if an action takes less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment it's defined. Texting a friend, watering the plants, delegating your work—if it takes less than two minutes, you should just go ahead and do it, instead of pushing it to later. But life and work aren't just a culmination of two-minute tasks. A lot of our work involves time and effort. So even if it's not something we can do instantly, it's important to keep track of them, so that it gets done when it's needed. So here's our new two-minute rule—if an action takes more than two minutes, add it to your to-do list and assign it to yourself or the right person!

Meet Zoho ToDo—your perfect companion to plan and assign your everyday to-dos. Zoho ToDo was formerly known as Zoho Tasks, and has now been renamed to reflect the character and simplicity of our app while being powerful and feature-packed at the same time. This app—also an integral part of Zoho Mail—unifies tasks across Zoho apps in one place, becoming your tasks HQ within Zoho. With more than 20,000 tasks added everyday in Zoho ToDo already, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

ToDo app

Be it your personal tasks, or work items that you want to collaborate on as a team, Zoho ToDo helps you organize and plan them to perfection. You don't have to be on your desktop or laptop every time you want to do this. To-dos, like inspiration, can strike anytime, and with device boundaries being a thing of the past, you can access and use Zoho ToDo on our all-new app designed for phones and tablets. Your data is perfectly synced, so you can switch between devices depending on whether you're at your desk or away. Before you head over to the store and download the app right away, here's a look at some of the top features that you shouldn't miss.  

A single app for multiple needs: Personal and group tasks 

While keeping your personal life and work life separate is important, it just becomes too much of a hassle when you have to switch between two different apps every time you juggle between your personal work and your official work. You may be in your garden tending to your plants when you remember about the document status you had to update, or you could be at your work desk planning your day when you remember that you have to pick up groceries in the evening. Zoho ToDo has both personal task categories and group task categories that help you clearly log both your personal everyday to-dos and your individual and group tasks that you have to close at work.

Unified app

One day at a time: The agenda view 

Do you like living in the here and now, more than looking at the bigger picture? Then the agenda view is where you should land once you open Zoho ToDo. This gives you a picture of all that needs to be done on that particular day, helping you direct your focus on what matters the most at the moment.

Agenda view

More hands at work: Collaborative features for the win 

For tasks that require better teamwork, Zoho ToDo gives you social-media style collaborative features right within each item in your to-do list. You can like a task, invite someone to view your task, comment and discuss ideas, or even leave private comments and replies when needed.

Task collaboration

Fewer actions, larger impact: Voice commands and document scanning 

Are you in the middle of something else and wish that you had an assistant to create those tasks for you? Well, just say the word! You can use voice commands on your iPhone to create new tasks in Zoho ToDo. Siri will ask for your inputs and do the job. You can further eliminate manual work by scanning your paper documents and instantly converting the text into tasks. You can create the scanned items either as multiple tasks or as subtasks under the main task. Do less, but accomplish more!

Voice commands

We wish we could keep going on, but we'll stop here and let you explore the rest. Head over to this page to learn more about exclusive mobile app features, and to download the app.

Features coming up on the web for Zoho ToDo

We have interesting news and features coming up on our web app too! Here's a sneak peak of what's in store in Zoho ToDo in the following weeks:

A full-blown visual dashboard for the pro planner in you 

A picture is worth a thousand words, and saves several minutes too! We're bringing a whole bunch of new extensive dashboard reports and charts for those number crunchers and graph enthusiasts amongst you. This presents all critical task-related information in different chart formats, which can be customized and narrowed down as required. For example, if you're a team lead, you can check how many open tasks John Doe is working on right now, or compare a group's in-progress and closed tasks for the last month. The possibilities are endless, and you can customize these results the way you want by filtering according to the different task fields.


Publish your tasks to a wider audience 

It's week four of your new project and you and your teammates are slaying it. While everyone in your team or group can see how well things are going, people outside your group, like your leadership, or other teams, would have no idea. So for times when you need to show off your good work, or times when you have to showcase the tasks to your stakeholders, you don't have to add them to the group, or send them screenshots, you can simply publish your tasks for everyone to view. Sharing can be restricted to just one person, to the entire organization, or to anyone on the internet. Your tasks will be up for viewing, but members outside your group cannot make any changes to them.

Task publishing

Wrapping up 

With all of these new features in store, I'm sure we'll hear more from you in the coming days! So try out Zoho ToDo both on the web and on your mobiles, and let us know what you think. We mean it when we say we're all ears. For instant updates on all that goes on in Zoho Mail and Zoho ToDo, follow our Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram channels! 


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