Zoho Invoice Android App Update: Expense Categories Introduced!

We’ve got some good news for Zoho Invoice android app users. You can now add, delete and modify ‘Expense Categories’ right from your android phone. It’s simple, smooth and you are going to love not having to turn to the web app each time you add an expense.

Add Expense Category in Android App

If you want to edit a category name or description, just long press (touch it and hold it for a moment) the category name and the action mode is displayed.

Edit Expense Category in Zoho Invoice android app

Next time you want to track your expenses on the go, all you need to do is take out your awesome phone and turn to our android invoicing app. You can categorize your expenses, choose the currency, add tax , enter amount and bill it to your client.

Go ahead and update your android app to the latest 1.6.2 version in Google Play. Check it out and drop us your feedback right below in the comment section.


3 Replies to Zoho Invoice Android App Update: Expense Categories Introduced!

  1. Where would we go if we crossed your awesome app with something like Expensify's OCR receipt scanning ? That would be the Holly Grail of mobile efficiency :)
    In the meantime and before such miracle happen, could you guys try to integrate the picture function, so we can take a picture of the receipt before we file it in Expenses ?You guys are the best !

  2. Hello,
    The reference field while recording payment is not available in the android app at the moment. I understand, it is difficult but it is on our work item and we're working towards having it soon in the app. We'd definitely let you know as soon as we have it on board.

  3. What about the Reference Number? I usually put the Check number in there and instead end up putting it in the notes. The problem is that when I print out the Statement, It shows the Reference Number, but it doesn't show the notes. So the issue I have is when client pays and I record it utilizing the App, since there is no reference number in the App, I end up putting it in the notes. Later I send them a Statement and they get confused as to what payment was applied to what invoice.

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