Zoho Survey-Zendesk integration helps you identify gaps in your customer support


When technology fails, it can mess with your work. A sudden software bug can prevent an employee from logging onto their computer and responding to an important client, stalling the entire team's work for the day.

It is in moments like these, that 24-hour customer support engineers put their cape on and save the day!

The support desk is an indispensable part of any large organization. Not only do they attend and resolve clients doubts, but they help better the relationship between the company and its customers. Because it's just a crucial role, there's a need to monitor whether it is being done right. 

Are customers satisfied with the help desk service I am providing?

If not, why aren't they satisfied?

But how do you make sure you are carefully monitoring your customer support and making sure that they are top-of-the-notch and resolving your clients' every doubt?

It quite simple: You survey your customers.

Surveys help customers by letting support agents know exactly what problems the customers are facing. Surveying your customers can help your agents build deeper customer relationships.

Sending out a survey will help you with your:

A. Strategy: Using a help desk survey feedback, for example, you can

  1. Understand the levels of customer satisfaction

  2. Determine the factors that make for good and bad customer experiences

B. Goals: This results and analytics from the survey will then help the team realize

  1. What they need to work on so that they can provide better service

  2. How to improve productivity within the team

Administering a helpdesk for a large organization is a huge task, but with the correct tools, the task can be made a lot easier. Zendesk helps build help desk, call center, and live chat software for better customer relationships. It allows multiple channels like email, social media, phone, and chat to be fused into a single platform from which users can manage all these components.

Using the Zoho Survey and Zendesk Inc. integration, IT support teams can ask employees the right questions to get just the answers they are looking for.

Using the Zoho Survey and Zendesk integration helps you email ready-made surveys to your Zendesk customer lists in a single click. Don't worry about suiting your industry needs either; we have 200+ diverse templates catering to almost every type of survey you can think of.

Client lists from Zendesk are automatically synchronized with Zoho Survey so that you can send out tailor-made surveys to the right people in minutes. 

So we have discussed what you can do with the answers for a survey, and how they can help you get better.

But what are the right reasons for your customer support team to conduct a survey? Here are a few common instances:  

1. Gaining deeper insight 

You may need something more than the built-in feedback system to get further insights on your product. Sometimes you see clients dropping product subscriptions, but you don't know why. In this case, the Zoho Survey and Zendesk integration help you find the answer.

2. Determining a budget 

The data from surveys can help you gauge the need for budget increases. New investments can be made as per the survey data parameters according to the gaps are in the support team and turn an increased budget into increased productivity. If you can show your company's decision makers through Zoho Survey results that clients are dissatisfied as they have to wait too long for support, it can be a very compelling argument for hiring more help or improving the IT infrastructure.

3. Gauging Customer Support individually 

The core reason for conducting a survey is to understand how your tech support engineers are performing. Including an automated email survey every time a client's ticket closes can help you get a better idea of how individual customer support agents are performing.

So start surveying with the Zoho Survey and Zendesk Integration, and get a better idea of how to take your clients' happiness to the next level!

Still confused? We're glad to help you! Drop a mail to support@zohosurvey.com.


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