What’s New From Our Side for Apple Users in iOS 16?

We have something exciting for Apple users for the new iOS 16 and WatchOS 9 on the move! We already provide handy features in Notebook with the help of Apple's advanced technology on your devices. Now, we're offering even more to make the note-taking tasks on your gadgets easier, so you can run a hassle-free environment with these exclusive updates. Are you ready to know everything about the latest updates?

Access notes from lock screen widgets 

Notebook allows you to create or view notes from the lock screen of your iPhone by just adding them as shortcuts with lock screen widgets. It provides you with three types of widgets for your convenience for different use cases in your daily tasks.

  • Circular widgets:  Allows you to view and create notes from your device's lock screen. You can create and access Text, Audio, Sketch, Checklist, and Photo Cards from the lock screen on your Notebook app.
  • Rectangular widgets: Allows you to open any of your pinned favorites, upcoming reminders, or recent notes from the lock screen so you can quickly access them with ease.
  • Inline widgets: Allows you to view the upcoming reminders of the day as well as all expired reminders on the top of your iPhone's lock screen.

Share Checklist Cards during FaceTime 

Now, non-signed users can collaborate with their peers while on FaceTime by sharing a Checklist Card with them using SharePlay. The SharePlay option will be enabled in the edit toolbar of your Notebook app, from where you can share a Checklist Card on an active call. You can also open Notebook from the FaceTime app and share notes (you can only share and edit one note at a time).

Focus mode filters for Notebook 

Manage the behavior of your Notebook app with the new features of iOS 16's Focus Mode with predefined options. Now, you can set themes like light/dark mode, font sizes, image scaling sizes, default color to your notes, and save photos to your Photos app in Focus Mode. If Focus Mode is not enabled, then default Notebook app settings will be applied. You can switch back to the default settings in Focus Mode by enabling Use App Settings at any point while using the app.

Extract text from images and search for text 

Now, it's possible to copy text from any image that you add to your Text Cards and Photo Cards. You can directly copy all of the text without any clutter, or you can select a specific text from the image and even move to the original page when selecting any link, email address, or phone number. Notebook also allows you to search for text in Text Cards on your iPhone keypad for a quick look at your notes without fuss.

New shortcuts and Siri intents 

With the help of Siri, you can now mark all of your expired reminders as done, show upcoming reminder notes marked as done, and all of your expired reminders as read. All of these activities will have a confirmation alert. You can view all of the shortcuts in the Shortcuts app with zero user set up and you can also access these shortcuts directly by adding them to your Home screen.

What's new in watchOS 9? 

So far, in WatchOS, you'll be able to create text using the Scribble option and you can also create Audio Cards. Now, you can create Photo Cards from your Apple Watch and insert images using the Photo Picker option. Just add images from your watch and view them on any of your devices later.

We hope you like these handy updates on Notebook. If you haven't tried the recent iOS 16 and WatchOS 9 yet, we suggest you upgrade your device and enjoy these special features on your Notebook app. Please leave your comments below for any suggestions or feedback, and you can always reach out to us at support@zohonotebook.com. Follow @ZohoNotebook on Twitter to never miss out on any updates about us. Happy note-taking!


8 Replies to What’s New From Our Side for Apple Users in iOS 16?

  1. hello if i upgrade to notebook pro using app store in-app purchases (iphone) this upgrade will applied to all other devices like android tablet and windows laptop? best

    1. Hi Shantaram, Yes, it will. You'll be able to enjoy all the features of Notebook Pro across devices if you login with the same account.

    1. Hi Chandan, We're extremely sorry for the delay. We've started supporting Text extract feature from our recent update and it should work fine in iPadOS 16 now. Also, we'll look into the technical implementation for the same in Android platform. Please keep following us for more updates.

  2. After the update and being asked to resign in and create a zoho acct. it appears all my data is gone. Very frustrating as I had years of things saved there. Can anyone help me get it back? Thanks!

    1. Hi Beverly, We're extremely sorry for the delay. If you're a signed-in Zoho user, all your data will be synced to the cloud–your data is safe. Please sign in to your account in Notebook and continue using the app. If you're not a signed-in user or you still don't see your notes after signing-in, then please reach out to us at support@zohonotebook.com and we'll look into this immediately. Till then please don't uninstall Notebook, you may lose all the data.

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